30th Reunion Photos/DVD

To share your reunion photos: Unfortunately, our website does not currently have the capability for shared photo galleries.  They suggested using a web site called Photobucket.  I have set up a group album on that site called Lebo1978  with the password "Lebo1978".  Anyone is welcome to post their reunion pictures on this site.  You must join the site, then make your own album of reunion pictures. Then go to the group album (I opened it in a separate window on my computer). In the group album, click on "Add photos and videos to this group". If you are still logged in, you should be able to click the button"from my album". The pictures from your album should come up as thumbnails in the little window. You need to click on the orange dot on each picture you want to upload - a green dot should appear. After choosing the pictures, click on the upload button. It is really not as hard as it sounds!

Reunion DVD: (from Eric DeZubay)  I have created a commemorative video of the wonderful, event-filled weekend. I will make this available, on DVD for free, to anyone who wishes to send me a SASE. The DVD includes the four minute montage, followed by another 35 minutes of original raw video. My address is: Eric DeZubay 309 Summermore Drive Charlotte, NC 28270 ethomas@carolina.rr.com

While the video and sound quality of the DVD is 100 times better, for your convenience and enjoyment, I am posting this on the internet, which you can now access. Here are the instructions for viewing this video on line: -------------- Go to - http://www.video.yahoo.com Use the search engine in the upper left (not upper right) and to make life easy just enter, "dezubay" (without the quotes) in the search box. You'll see four of my videos come up, with the Lebo 30th Reunion. One tip: Don't click on the "Play Here" thumbnail, unless you have a really clunky computer or a bad connection. It plays back a smaller version. Instead, click on the actual title of the video, where it says "Mt. Lebanon 30th High School Reunion..." that will give you a bigger video. In addition to the better video and audio, the DVD also contains all the original video too. Either way, I feel confident you will enjoy it. Needless to say, I had a blast making it!!! Enjoy, Eric T. DeZubay