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Jonathan Bowers

Jonathan Tyler Bowers 
Born: May 8, 1961
Died: August 17, 2015

Jonathan T. Bowers, 54, of Kaaawa, a Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard documenter, died in Kaaawa. Jon was Born in Provo, Utah on May 8 1961 to Joy and Howard Bowers. He married the love of his life, Doneil Price on June 30th, 1983. She died earlier this year on Feb 27, 2015. He is survived by daughter Mykin Broadbent, brother Michael and a grandchild. Services pending.

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We will miss you Jonathan!

Jonathan and Doneil Bowers at our 30th reunion (2009)
Jonathan's bio (since high school), written by himself in 2009....

I guess I will start halfway thru my senior year prior to graduation I went to work part time for a local Auto body repair shop, school in the morning work in the afternoon. After graduating I worked full time at the same business for several years. In 1983 I married Doneil Price a knock out blonde way out of my league but we are still together after 30 + years so I guess "size does matter". We raised one daughter Mykin who now has her own daughter Abbie Joy Broadbent we think the most beautiful little girl ever she is now 5. We lived in Orem until 1989 then we moved back to Provo and lived in Edgemont until 1997.

In 1993 I went to work for MACK Trucks Inc. one of the world's leading heavy duty truck manufactures that actually had a manufacturing plant in Pleasant Grove Utah, a little known fact.We manufactured custom built cement mixers that were shipped all over the United States, Canada, South America, and some to the Middle East. I was hired as general assembly then after two years was promoted to assembly supervisor and finally was doing engineering of system applications and product development.

In 1997 Mack decided to close our facility and move all production to one of its plants in the eastern United States. So it’s now 1997 and the job I thought I would eventually retire from is gone our daughter is now 18 and engaged to be married and no longer living at home. My wife and I are both 37 and our options are move to Pennsylvania and take a new position with Mack, find a new job in Utah, or relocate somewhere else and start all over. We decided on the later. After vacationing almost yearly in Hawaii for many years as a family Doneil and I decided that is where we really wanted to be. So we sold our house in Edgemont and everything we owned I mean everything except two suitcases with everything we owned inside and bought two one way tickets to Honolulu and it was the best decision we ever made. It was like starting life allover, my wife and I were still relatively young and with no kids at home it was like a really long second honeymoon. PARTY TIME! Man we tore it up and still do occasionally, there’s nothing like the Waikiki night life. We have lived in Ka’a’awa now for almost twelve years and it is truly our home now. Ka’a’awa is a very small town in the country with the beach right across the street from our house. It is on the windward side of the island of Oahu. Doneil is a professional cosmetologist (and a very good one) She has been a Paul Mitchell educator and a color expert for over 25 years so she had no problem getting a job.

My first job in Hawaii was in industrial / commercial marine equipment sales but it was always my desire to get hired at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. After three years of filling out applications for any and every job I might have been even remotely qualified for in 2000 I was hired as a civilian employee as a marine mechanics assistant working on surface craft. Six months later I applied for a job as a Nuclear Mechanic I was accepted and went for six months of training. After qualifying I worked exclusively on 688 class fast attack nuclear powered submarines. I only worked this job for about two years when I decided to take an office position. That’s one of the good things about working in the shipyard once you are hired  it’s real easy to move up to better jobs especially in the nuclear field it’s just getting hired that’s the hard part. I love the position I hold now as “Radioactive Material Controller”. Our office tracks all the radioactive material in the yard and on all the submarines in Pearl Harbors fleet and occasionally visiting submarines. Sometimes sea wolf class spy submarines or Trident class submarine carrying nuclear war heads (ICBMs) I have actually walked thru “Sherwood Forest” several times this is what the Navy calls the walkway from AFT of the submarine forward between the 24 missile silos what an awesome feeling of power USA USA. This would be a good time to say NO I don’t glow in the dark! Last year the shipyard celebrated its Centennial and became a “National Treasure” it was a lot of fun to be a part of all the celebrations.

We love the diversity of the people of Hawaii and most everywhere we go we are the minority. Strange after living a great deal of my life in Provo Utah. I will have ten years in the yard next year a mile stone of sorts I guess. Doneil now has only a select cliental that she does and spends most of her time volunteering for the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) marine mammal protection program. She works mostly with Green sea turtles (Honu) and Hawaiian Monk seals the most endangered seal on the endangered species list. That’s about it we will see what the next thirty years will bring. Hopefully more AC/DC, Beers, pretty ladies, sand, surf, and sun.  ALOHA


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05/11/16 05:21 PM #1    

Cindy Quinn (Westoby)

It is always sad to see one of our classmates pass on. Jonathan's words about his life lead me to believe he stayed true to the person I knew in H.S., a funny guy with a good sense of himself. I remember seeing Jonathan at the 30th reunion and thinking how happy he was with his lovely wife, even my husband Craig remembered the guy in the Hawaiian shirt. - Rest in peace Jonathan

05/11/16 07:20 PM #2    

Bryan Chapman

I remember Jon Bowers all the way back to Rock Canyon Elementary.  Always quick with the one liner, but also a deep, true friend.  I've told the story before about John Bowcutt smoking grass in 6th grade, which turned out to be nothing more than liternall grass from the school.  Jonathan Bowers was part of that small group.  We all got a good laugh out of that one. 

Like Cindy, I remember him at our 30th reunion in 2009.  I had a great chance to talk to him and he had lots of stories about living in Hawaii.  I admit now, I was a bit envious about how he found his paradise and you could tell how much he loved Doneil.  It was the first time I'd met here. What an infectious, enthusiatic person she was.  Sad to see that she passed away just before Jon did.

We will truely miss you Jonathan Bowers. Not just as a former classmate, but as our friend.

05/12/16 09:18 AM #3    

Barry Knudsen

Because I stayed mostly to myself in high school, I did not get to know Jonathan, but do remember his congenial personality and his smiles of acknowledgment and greetings.  Reading his bio made me envious of his life in Hawaii too, especially having been to the seeming paradise.

I am glad you were not separated from your spouse in this life, as long as many others are.  Rest in peace, Jonathan!

05/12/16 11:06 AM #4    

David Lott

I remember Johnathan was one of the good guys.  He didn't make it long after losing the love of his life. That sadness may have had a part of doing him in so they must have been truly and deeply in love.  Let us remember what a life he did live!  His desire was to live and work in Hawaii and he made that dream come true.  

07/19/17 10:44 AM #5    

Seth Myer

I would be remiss to not add my thoughts and memories to those that have been expressed by others.  I agree 100% with what Bryan Chapman said about Jon being a deep, true friend.  I met Jon during the transition from Farrer Junior High to Provo High school.  We became friends before that Summer, and remained so throughout high school (until the split and Jon went to Timp).  Jon was fiercely loyal as a friend, and I never doubted how he would stand.  I could always count on him to be there for me.

I never saw Jon after high school, but finally found him prior to one of my trips to Hawaii to visit my brother.  I did talk to Jon on the phone, and he went on and on about his wife, how gorgeous she was, how much they loved each other and how happy they were in Hawaii together!  Doneil was clearly his soulmate.

When we were in Hawaii (on the day we were leaving), Jon said he would put a traffic cone out on the Kam highway where his place was so that we could stop by to see him and meet his wife on our way to the airport. That morning we were running late, so we weren't able to stop!  I am sad now that we didn't get to see either Jon or Doneil before they passed away. I guess we will have to wait until the next life to see him again (and meet Doneil!)

Carry on, Jon..  We will see you on the flip side!

07/21/17 10:35 PM #6    

Eric Sondrup

 Jonathan and I became good friends in junior high two different shop classes then he moved to the condos down the street and we were best friends for a year and a half. When we were juniors in high school coach Gillespie recruited me to go supervise Jonathan Bowers and two others to go dig the holes for the light poles at the football stadium  20 to 24 inch diameter holes 20 feet deep with a shovel and a bucket and a rope it took us a day and a half I think we should play post a tribute to Jonathan on the center pole at the football stadium at the next reunion in memory of Jonathan Bowers he was a good friend I loved him dearly was so happy to see he found the love of his life  and was truly happy

God bless


Eric Sondrup 

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