Memory Lane

Who remembers...


Char Grill -

The Red Barn
Cameron Village Underground -  

The PR -
Lassiter Mill
Devereaux Meadows
Pine State Creamery
Smokey Hollow (anyone know what this is)
The Hobby Shop at Cameron Village
Hackney's at North Hills
Raleigh Municipal Airport - South Raleigh
Sadlack's - Hillsborough St. -
Raleigh Memorial Auditorium
Pony Club - Anderson Drive
Surburban Mart - Anderson Drive
Dorton Arena
N.C. State Fair
Colony Theater - Five Points -
Shoney's Big Boy
Starlite Drive-in Movie - Garner
Old Rex Hospital - St. Mary's St.
Pullen Park - Bloomsbury Park
Reynolds Coliseum - NCSU
Don Murray's BBQ
Sanders Ford - Downtown

The Lodge - Across from the Angus Barn

Rinaldi's Kentucky Fried Chicken on Peace Street

Peace Street Open Air Market

Canton Cafe - Hillsborough Street

Wrenn Pharr - at Cameron Village - Buy one oxford shirt for $5, get one free

Roy Rogers - Hillsborough Street

Hayes Barton Swimming Pool

Johnson's Pharmacy - Daniels Jr. High after school hangout at the grill

Running after the mosquito trucks that came throught the neighborhoods.

Ambassador Theater - Fayetteville Street

Piggy Wiggle at Five Points

The big metal "Crab-tree" water sculpture and wishing pool in the middle of the original Crabtree Valley Mall.

Long Meadow Dairy Bar (L&M)  (later Tint-Tote) - Glenwood Ave. 

This is from Haywood Poole  about  the L&M - "I remember the Long Meadow (L&M) also but never really hung out there.  We had neighbors who were older than me and my sister and they used to hang out there... we were banned from it because of the stories my parents heard from the neighbors! ...Smoking and cursing and an occasional scuffle in the parking lot...heaven forbid!!!!"

Boylan Pierce w/ the wishing pond downstairs

The Peanut Man on Wilmington Street and at the Capital


Bluetower Restarant across from Char Grill

Gateway Restarant across the NC State Bell Tower

Pizza Bella - Hillsborough St / Bart and Michele ran it and were very friendly to the high school scene

DJ's Book & Stationary

Record Bar - Cameron Village

The Snack Bar in the Ligon Building across the street from Broughton

Village Sport Shop

Western Lanes

Stephenson's Music Co. in Cameron Village

Irregardless Cafe - Morgan and Hillsborough Street -

The Roast Grill - West Street -

Tha Plantation Inn - out Capital Blvd.

Edward's Grocery & Peter Pan Restaruant (Hillsborough St. & Ashe Ave.)

Weatherman's Jewlers


the OLD northside shopping center on bernard street.

it had the ols fashion drug store and grill,

the old barber shop,

the OLD original colonial store [later, fass brothers fish house],



Stay tuned for more or send me what you can remember!!!!


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