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MARK YOUR CALENDARS - 2018 Reunion Info!


First, a BIG THANK YOU to those of you who completed our survey earlier this year! After analyzing the results of that survey, we are pleased to announce our 3rd Delta Epsilon event by providing you with details we have confirmed thus far. Please be sure to SAVE THE DATES!

          WHERE & WHEN: Raleigh, NC
                                     September 21 & 22, 2018


More details can be found on the Important Announcements page (click here).

We had almost 100 brothers/wives attend our 1st Delta Epsilon event in Wrightsville Beach and approximately 75 brothers/wives attended our 2nd event last year in Raleigh. It’s no surprise that our numbers dwindle with each gathering, so please make every effort to attend and re-kindle the brotherhood that helped shape each of us!  As with previous gatherings, we will be making every effort to locate and contact as many missing Brothers from the 1960’s era as possible.


In hoc,

Tom Calloway, Smiley Miller, Jeff Schneider, Hoyt Lowder, Tommy MacNeill




Pete at The Pines


For the past year, Pete has been staying at Olde Knox Commons, a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center in Huntersville. Like many such facilities, it is basically a sad place where people for the most part go to die. Pete has been quite the exception. He went there to live, to do the best he could under difficult circumstance. With his bright cheerful attitude on things “Mr. Pete” became the favorite of the staff. His family and friends coming to visit always had warm greetings for the staff. There were good stories and good laughs coming out of Pete’s room, unusual for such a place.


There were however some problems. Staff shortages and staff turnover meant that all the things that needed to be done were not always getting done, particularly in the kitchen and dining area. The food was not so good and the staff did not trust Pete with whole food. So he got what Jane described as “a plop of white mush, a plop of tan mush, and a plop of green mush.” It was most unappetizing and Pete wouldn’t eat it. Family and friends sneaked in real food – cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, fries, and the most incredible milkshakes from a local restaurant. All the good stuff. Pete woofed it all down with gusto and glee.


The larger problem is that Pete was not getting all the care he needed.


Things have changed for the better.


The Pines is a highly regarded retirement center in Davidson. The big difference is that people go there to live. The great majority of the folks that live there are quite healthy. The have an on-site Health Center for the residents which is basically a full function inpatient outpatient hospital. Jane applied to The Pines for Pete and after a few rounds he was accepted. Earlier this year Pete was admitted to the Health Center at The Pines. And what a difference.


Pete’s quality of care and quality of life is much improved at The Pines. The staff is terrific - attentive, competent, kind, and courteous. The food is not a plop of mush. It is the same high-end restaurant food served the healthy residents at The Pines. The Health Center has its own dining area where Pete goes to eat with the other patients. Fine food makes a big difference.


Pete is in with a happier, livelier crowd at mealtime. Pat and I joined Pete for lunch yesterday. I brought a bunch of jokes and stories carefully selected to suit Pete’s sense of humor. Not hard to do by the way. The table next to us joined in with laughter and comments.


Pete is a lot happier at The Pines. We all share his joy.


Mike & Pat Stenhouse





Save The Date - 2018 Reunion

Many thanks for so many of you for making the effort to join with us to renew our brotherhood and Sigma Chi Spirit.  Father time will claim us all so please make an extra effort to attend our next Sigs of the 60's reunion on September 21 & 22, 2018.  We lose several brothers every year now, so mark the dates down for our next get together and don’t schedule anything to conflict and come join us again.  We are truly blessed to have had such a wonderful group of brothers at Delta Epsilon.

In hoc,

Jeff Schneider, '67