Site Access Policy

Policy Guidelines

This site is meant only for the use of the RBUHS class of '64.

There are many sites on the Internet that offer High School Class services for free, and likely require a fee for using all of the features.  But as they say, nothing is free!   What you generally give up is the privacy of any information you share.  And that often means that anything you share is available for sale, is placed on other sites by web crawlers, available to companies that specialize in tracing people, and easily monitored by private and government entities.

This site is maintained by fellow classmates for our own use and for reunion planning.  No information will ever be shared with 3rd parties without your explicit permission and will be strictly limited to class activities.  The intent is to promote communication and sharing of information with those that were, and continue to be, part of our lives.

Any financial transactions to support this site and to pay for class activities will also be protected.

No one other than classmates will be allowed access to this site, their identity will be verified before they gain access, and they must have active profiles to continue their access.  Guest "classmates" may be invited to join at the invitation of the Reunion Committee.


  • No login will be allowed without approval of the website administrator.
  • Updated profiles, including a recent picture, are required to maintain access to the site.
  • Address information is verified before granting access.  A confirmation email will be sent to help protect spoofing.
  • Anyone abusing the site or sharing information without approval may be denied access to the site.

We hope this doesn't appear overly strict; that is certainly not our intent.

The intent is make sure we can all securely share information, and that we can feel free to share any information without a concern that it will be compromised. 

Please enjoy this site and use it to its fullest! 




Policy Statement on Classmate Access and Use of the Site


The website was implemented to promote fellowship through communication and for reunion planning in a safe and secure environment. 
The purpose of this policy is to make clear exactly who will have access to the site and our expectations for conduct on the site.  Rather than be a restrictive or dictatorial, the intent of this policy to make it easy to enjoy the site and for everyone to clearly understand what is permitted and what is not.
Unfortunately, there are those that sometimes abuse the trust placed in them and are often quick to point out that there weren't policies to cover the situation.  This pretty much requires that we adopt such a policy.
So we will keep it short and to the point!
  1. Any RBUHS Class of ’64 graduate alumni and any fellow classmates who attended RBUHS and would have graduated in ’64, may use this website. They will be given full access after their identity has been confirmed. This does not confer any ownership of the site or to the data contained on the site.
  2. Use of the information contained at the website may not be shared with 3rd parties without written approval of the reunion committee.  This includes allowing others to log into your account or having them “look over your shoulder” while viewing personal information.  Personal information may be shared with 3rd parties only if you get written permission of the classmate(s).  Violation of this trust is cause for suspending access to the website.  This doesn't mean that you can't get on the website and show it to your family and friend.  Just don't share private information without approval.
  3. Anyone’s own personal information may be shared by opening up their profiles to those outside of the website.  This is under their control in the Profile and they alone bear the responsibility for opening this information up to the web.  They alone are responsible for understanding the ramifications since this subject is clearly communicated upon joining the website and is also posted on this website.
  4. Open and free communication between classmates is encouraged and includes the use of email, announcements, and forums.  Differing views and opinions are to be respected even if we don’t agree with them. Expletives should be used sparingly and no vulgar language will be tolerated. Additionally, the following activities are cause for suspending access to the website:
  5. Classmates are expected to keep information up-to-date and reasonably accurate as part of their effort to make the website successful, and so that the reunion committee can make use of this information. This should be completed no later than a month after gaining access to the site.  At a minimum, Profile and Contact sections should have:
    • Full First and Last names in the Contact Info section (if you prefer to be known by a nickname then put this information in the "I prefer to be known as" field).
    • Valid Email address in the Contact Info section at all times.
    • Mailing address fields in the Contact Info section. (Please us proper capitalization and complete all info so any materials may be mailed to you.  If you are concerned about who sees the information then uncheck the "Contact Details" checkbox in the Profile section and only those on the reunion committee with a need-to-know reason may see the information.)
    • Phone Number in the Contact Info section (again, if you have a privacy concern uncheck the box as above).
    • A Master Photo in the Profile section pictures that can be used on the website and publications. (It doesn't have to formal, but should be a quality head-and-shoulders picture.  If this is a challenge or hardship for you then contact us and we will work with you to get this done at no cost to you.)
  6. Classmates who do not wish to participate with their fellow classmates on this website may do so. At their request all information will be deleted with exception of their name and graduation photo which is public information. Access to the site will be removed, and it will noted in the comments field that they do not wish to participate. 
If there are any questions or concerns then please email us or use the forum to communicate them.