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It is with great sadness that we are at the age where we are saying goodbye to those whom we have had  great histories and friendships with that have lasted for a lifetime.  Recerntly we lost Ed Torkelson, Vikki Poli Adsley, Leroy Hackman, and now Bill Bonham passed on April 8, 2021 from heart problems.  Bill had been very ill since last Novmber.  He was truly a treasure of the  RHS 1967 family.  I have been thinking of all the laughs and giggles he gave us during assenblies, his performances in plays and reunions.  He was really a special guy with lots of talents:  chef, actor, author and of course reunion MC.  As time marches forward we wil say goodbye to more classmates.  It never will be easy, each one with their wonderfull attributes.  Ed a kind and brilliant business man, Vikki's brave and courageous spirit and endearing smile, Leroy's smile that radiated when he talked about Sandy and now Bill.  All the joy he brought with his jolly personality and his keen sense of humor.  From his Bryn Mawr neighborhood all the way to San Fransico our Bill brought smiles wherever he was...........I bet he's entertaining evryone in heaven.


Miss you all,