Monthly Mini Reunions
Posted Thursday, May 13, 2010 06:21 AM

Well, we had another meeting last Wednesday (3/17/10) and basically decided we've gotten everything under control.  All we need now is to continue looking for additional classmates, get the funds in, work on advertisement and solicit donations.

We would like to start  having "mini" reunions now and include anyone who'd like to join us.  This is something that the class of '79 has done and has had great fun and a lot of participation.  Our first mini reunion is going to be at 419 West in Roanoke on April 23rd and we plan to meet around 7:00 p.m.  If you're in town and want to come hang out, please do and feel free to bring your spouse or a friend!  We're going to look at various meeting places at least once a month between now and September.  We may catch a ball game one night and you can bring your family if you'd like.

Please don't forget to respond to the "golf on Saturday 9/4/10" question.  Kirk Martin has agreed to get that going for us if it turns out we have enough interest.

We've found our King!  Gary signed up this week so now, we need to find our Queen!  Has anyone seen her or stayed in touch?  There are lots of others we still need to find so please make that connection if you've got it! 

We also want to make sure everyone knows that when you sign up to attend the reunion, you need to send the check before the discount rate ends on April 1st.  We've had several people sign up to attend, but have not received the payment.

We hope all is well with everyone!