About this site

About this web site

The JM Class of 1975 is using a pre-defined web system built by Class Creator (classcreator.com). We have chosen this system because of it's flexibility and security. We purchased the domain name for this site to use exclusively for our class. Our web site is strictly designed as a vehicle for our fellow classmates to contact one another, and for the reunion committee to communicate to the class. The JM Class of 1975 controls this web site and it's content.  

Class Creator has stated the following about this web system:

  • At no time will anyone from Class Creator  (or any other firm) contact our classmates with advertisements based on information from this site,     
  • Class Creator staff will never e-mail or contact class members directly (except for twice a year to remind classmates that they might want to update their information.)
  • Our classmate list (names, addresses, or any information, etc) will never be provided (or sold) to any other person or group.    

E-mails that will be sent out to the entire class will be sent out only by the 1 or 2 classmates who have administrative rights to this web site.  Since we are managing the content of the site, if we discover any inappropriate use of the site we can immediately delete or block any problems we encounter.   If you find any inappropriate use of the site, please let us know by clicking the Contact Us link above so that we can investigate. 

NOTE : There are two selections that you make when you set up your profile on the site. Once you have made a selection.. you can update at any time if you change your mind.

Profile Visibility:  
  Allow only fellow Classmates to view my Profile details. Note: Checking this box will block the general public and search engines from accessing your Profile details. If you want other classes, friends, family, etc. to be able to view your Profile page you should leave this option unchecked.
Contact Details:  
  Allow Classmates to see my address and phone number (this information is hidden from your Classmates unless you check this box).


Profile Visibility: If you leave this box UNCHECKED: Anyone with access to the internet can see your profile data (except address and phone number. ) and no one other than classmates with an ID can ever see your pictures etc that you add.

                           If you CHECK this box: Only people who I approve for an ID to our site can see your profile data. (except address and phone number. )


Contact Details: If you leave this box UNCHECKED: No one can see your address and phone number.


                         If you check this box Only people who I approve for an ID to our site can see your see your address and phone number.


What you want to do is your call.


Also, this just in.. a question from a new member:

In the profile setup, there is a function to allow classmates to add comments under my profile. Are the comments visible to everyone on the site after they are posted, or are the comments only visible to me? Thanks


A) Here is the official word from the website provider:

"No this feature is NOT only visible to the Classmate -- it is visible to all readers. There is already a private message box on every Profile if somebody wants to send a personal message to a Classmate. This feature is intended for Classmates to talk in groups about things they're seeing on a particular Classmate's Profile. Of course, if somebody wants to limit this conversation to ONLY logged in fellow Classmates, they would simply need to make their Profile private. And if a Classmate doesn't want this feature on his or her Profile at all, they can simply leave it off."


Can we edit comments? Yes, both the Classmate him or herself can edit or delete any comments made on their own Profile. An email to the Classmate is instantaneous when a comment is posted. Site Administrators (That's me) can of course also edit or delete any comments.

So, your choice.. I try to keep an eye on the site most days at least for a few minutes.. but.. So my take is I will watch the "Message Forum" for  abusive behavior, but if folks decide to turn on the option for folks to leave messages under their profile.. they can edit out stuff they think is not cool. And you do get notified if someone leaves a comment under your profile.

The "Send a private message" function mentioned above is cool.. you get an email someone has sent you a message and it includes a link to the message. These messages are private between you and the sender. So even if you don't make your profile information public you still can message back and forth to folks.

The rules are simple, respect each other and have fun !

Classmates with administrative rights:

Randy Schmidt - Reunion Committee Member and Web Site Administrator.

A player to be named later..