Known Issues

A couple people have had troubles with the site. The symptom reported is something like this:

"I have a classmate that set up her profile, and now when she puts her password and id in and hits login it shows her as logged in but when she then goes to any member function or just to look at her own profile it says she is NOT logged in."

Reply from the Class Creator Site:

Cookie issue. Easy fix:

 1) Have Classmate clear browser cookies

2) Shut down browesr

3) Open browser back up

4) Log in again


If you don't know how to clear your browser's cookies:

If you are using Internet Explorer:

Click Tools, and then Internet Options.

In the middle of the next window choose the button that says Delete Cookies.

Close your browser and reopen it.

If you are using Firefox: 

Click Tools then Clear Private Data

Make sure the Cookies button is selected.

Then Click Clear Private Data Now

Close your browser and reopen it.

If either of these options do not solve your problem, it may be taht you are not accepting cookies at all, Many web sites require the use of cookies for them to function correctly. Click on your respective browser's help funtion to learn about hpw to enable cookies safely.

If all this fails, send me a note and I will try to help as time permits. I do this as a labor of love.. and will help as much as I can !