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Kit Crowe - Greetings classmates. I've lived In Boston since 1973. In 1976 I married my husband Steve Marcus. We can't attend the reunion due to our chronic illnesses. Wishing everyone to enjoy the picnic and have a rocking good time listening to the music provided by the Rochester Falcon musicians.

Gail Hassell McAskin - SorryI cannot attend this year, but still want to recieve updates and if there are any and if there is anything I can purchase from the reunion I would like to be notified

Mary Ferguson - Regrets I can't attend as I am fighting cancer for the third time in eight years. Rock on !

Jim Fetterly - I retired from GM in 2014 and have since traveled the US full time in an RV. I plan on being somewhere on the coast of Oregon or Washington in August

Cherilyn Alway Danielson - Sorry that I won't be able to attend the 50th reunion, but hope everyone has a wonderful time!t

Pam King I am so very sorry that I will not be in attendance because I will be on a trip to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies. I hope the reunion will be a huge success and so wish that I was going to be able to attend!

Connie Rose 
Very sad that I will be unable to attend the class reunion. I would have enjoyed seeing many of you! We had made vacation plans with my daughter and her family late last year for the same weekend. We will be in the Sequoia National Park. Sending greetings to all...

Steve and Kathy Fredericks  Steve and I won't be able to attend as we have a vacation planned that week. Hope everyone has a great time!

Carla Smith  Hi, Sorry l can't come because of a sailing lesson and plumbing appointment to shut down my cottage. Special hello to Cindy, Jo, Martha, Ilene, Sandy, Mary Crockett and Mary Zimmerman If any classmates live in Rochester and want to get together my email is

Cynthia/Cindy Shaver Reiher  So wish I could attend the reunion festivities! Left a lengthy message on my profile site. Reconnecting with former pals had been great fun. Let’s keep it up. Enjoy everyone 

Latricia/Trich Littlejohn Zaitoon  Hi Guys. I am so sorry to have to miss this momentous occasion. I want to wish everyone a wonderful reunion filled with good friends and memories. See you all next reunion.