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Fact or Crap


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Our trivia contest has been a combination of True or False statements from the game Fact or Crap and one or two serious trivia questions that we hope you found challenging and interesting. All correct answers earned one point toward RRHS64 bragging rights and perhaps some yet-to-be-determined prize at our next class event.  To give you all time to get in this last set of answers, your replies must be submitted by midnight Eastern time on Sunday, 9/13.

Answers for 09-07-20:

1.   All living organism on Earth contain carbon.
Fact. Everyone knew that.
2.   St. Clare is the patron saint of television.
Fact. One wrong answer here.
3.   Alpha waves are faster than beta waves.
Crap. One wrong answer here too.
4.    Name the R&B/Soul/Jazz legend whose most successful album ever was a two-disk collection of covers of other people's country songs.
Ray Charles and the album was the two-volume Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music.
 5.   Identify as many of the people in these pictures as possible:
The correct answers were:
1. John Lewis
2. Twiggy
3. Lee Iacocca 
4. Alan Shepard
5. Goldie Hawn
6. Tommie Smith and John Carlos with fists raised, flanked by Aussie Peter Norman from the 1968 Olympics. I should have offered extra points for anyone who can identify the white circle on all three of their jackets.
7. Joan Baez & Bob Dylan
8. Gamal Abdel Nasser
9. Brigitte Bardot
10. James Earl Ray and surprisingly, no one got this one!
11. Jimi Hendrix
12. Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby
13. Janet Leigh from "Psycho"
14. Tippi Hedren & Alfred Hitchcock
15. Buzz Aldrin  Neil Armstrong took most of the pictures and therefore wasn't in many of them. That happens to me on every family vacation.
16. Martin Luther King Jr. & Malcolm X
17. Mohammad Ali vertical, Sonny Liston horizontal and referee Jersey Joe Wolcott in between. 
18. Charles de Gaulle
19. Pope Paul VI
20. Art Flemiing, original host of Jeopardy  
The point for this question goes to Ed Badstuber who correctly identified 25 people in these pictures. Very impressive, Ed!
So adding the scores on this version to the ones before it, the winner and next three scorers are as follows:
Ed Badstuber - 153 correct answers
Lucy Flynn Schall - 138
Barbara Hendricks Craycraft - 122
Joan Stanbery Holliday - 107
Thanks to everyone who participated. I hope you were at least entertained. And since this is a survey form, we might as well throw out a few questions to everyone. Please see below.

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1)   We're always looking forward to our next class gathering and more impatiently as we age. Our next reunion will be our 60th (yes, you read that right!) and should occur in 2024, which seems a long ways off. We've thought of having a 75th birthday party next year like the 70th party we had in 2016. Setting aside if you can our collective fear of COVID-19, which describes your interest:

  I'd be interested in a 75th class birthday party similar to the last one.
  I'll probably just wait until the 60th reunion.
  I don't care if I ever see you sumbitches again.
2)   We work our old decrepit fingers to the bone keeping this web site running smoothly. Even though some user statistics are available, they're not a great indicator of actual use or levels of interest. Please choose from the following to indicate your typical site usage:

  I check the website daily to stay in touch with our classmates and keep current on class events.
  I visit the site weekly/regularly primarily to chat with classmates and download useful information that can't be found anywhere else.
  You're kidding, right?
3)   Okay, now let us know what you really think. We can take it, or delete it if we can't, so let 'er rip. And thanks again for coming by!