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02/21/11 09:13 PM #1    

Nancy Nebeker

Welcome to the Granite High School Class Of 1971 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/13/11 08:37 PM #2    


Lorrie Belcher (Maeger)

Hi Class mates, the web site is up so please make any additions or changes to your profile.  For The classmates listed as missing we need their email addresses the most.  I have some of their addresses but we need to change over to emails for future reunions.  Any information will be helpful.  Thanks Lorrie Belcher

03/23/11 10:45 AM #3    

Marsha Staker (Greenberg)

Thank you Nancy and Lorrie and anyone else who put together this site! 

Excited to reconnect with friends!

03/24/11 10:49 AM #4    

Jerry Reed (1969)

 Hi to all class of 1971 students, Lorrie has invited the Classes of 1969, 1970 and 1972 to your reunion to make it a multiple year reunion and get more past students together.  I was the reunion chairperson for the 1969 reunion; and Catherine Ford-Barbiero was the Chairperson for the class of 1970 reunion.  We have all been sharing ideas with Lorrie.  We have agreed to allow students form other years at Granite to access our individual websites. If you would like to be added to class of 1969 or class of 1970 click the following links and follow the instructions below;


(1)         click on one of the links below, (2) look for “Contact Us” (down the column on the left on class of 1969, top row on class of 1970), click on "Contact Us” (3) then put in your name followed by (1971) and your      e-mail address, in the comments just say that you would like to be added to the student list.  (4) Give us a day or two, check back, your name should be listed, then you can click on it and complete your profile and access the other sites!  Good Luck Happy to hear from you, if you have any problems just let me know.  Thanks Jerry Reed 



Class of 1969 

Granite Class of 1970


05/26/11 09:13 AM #5    


Colby Clawson

It's not to late to sign up!  We are going to have a fantastic evening that you don't want to miss.  If you notice someone you know has not responded click on their name and take a minute to send them a message or give them a call.  Maybe a little encouragement is all they need.  There are people coming who have never been to our past reunions.  How fun will that be to see classmates after 40 years!!!  I can't wait to get to know some of the people I didn't have an opportunity to friend in high school. 

05/30/11 11:02 AM #6    

Debbie Burt (Boyce)

I can't make it to the Reunion but sounds like a terrific time!  Have fun and thanks to the organizing committee for all your hard work!

Debbie Burt Boyce

06/05/11 09:51 AM #7    


Vickie Kay

We had a fabuolus reunion last night. Thank you to all classmates who came. We had 230+ in attendance. The food was yummy, the program fun, mingling outstanding. Thank you Lorrie, Diena and Nancy for all your hard work. There were so many others who played a key roll in other ways. THANK YOU ALL.


Please continue to get us your contact info and update any changes.

06/05/11 10:52 AM #8    

Denise Dean (Brinkerhoff)

The reunion was great. It was fun seeing everyone again.
I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who made it all happen!
Denise Dean (Brinkerhoff)

06/05/11 12:03 PM #9    

Roy Angus (1972)

Had a great time last night.  Really enjoyed seeing old friends.  Kudo's to the Reunion organizer-s.

06/05/11 08:39 PM #10    


Ralph Bryson

Hi y'all. Had a great time last night at the reunion. It was wonderful seeing all our friends and catching up on lives. Thanks to those who put this wonderful event together and getting Granite High for the location for our 40th reunion. Can't thank Lorrie, Diena, Coby and Vickie enough for their dedication and hard work in accomplishing this almost impossible task.

Thanks to all for attending and joining in the fun. Joe was great in his Roasting and it was pass my bed time. The DJ's were very good and the music the best.

Nancy, thank you for this great site for us to keep in touch with others.

Thanks again to all.

Ralph Bryson

06/06/11 08:32 AM #11    

Evelyn Schumann (Stallings)

What a great reunion! Thanks to Lori Belcher, Diena Bringkerhoff, Colby Clawson, and all the others that made it so nice for all of us. The food was great, there was a great turn out, everyone seemed to be having a great time catching up. Great job singing Mike Gundmundson. A lot of picture taking going on...more memories...sorry Colby for the camp comment. I was so nervous to come...who would think all those High School insecurities would come flooding back...Well I will go again if we have another one...and I won't stress nearly as much. Thanks to all those who traveled a long way to be was nice to see you all. Frank Sawitzki...I saw you but didn't get a chance to say Hi...sorry...also heard Rachel Johnson was there and I totally missed you...didn't even see you.  Thanks again everyone.          

06/06/11 11:20 AM #12    

Joe Huish

It was great seeing everyboby at the reunion.  I wished I'd had more time to vist with more of you that were there.  The time just flew by.  I want to thank everybody that I mentioned in my roast.  You were all great sports and I hope you know it was all said in fun.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard and long to make that night happen.  You people did a wonderful job and thanks Lorie for "begging me" to be on the program.  I had fun doing it and hope others injoyed it too.



06/06/11 04:24 PM #13    

Lisbeth Landro (Monroe)

I can see from the pictures that everyone had a great time. I wish I could have been there. Next time for sure! Everyone looks really great too!

06/06/11 06:54 PM #14    


Lorrie Belcher (Maeger)

The reunion WAS GREAT, because of all of you who came.  What a crowd.  I am so grateful to you all for taking time out of your schedules, buying plane tickets and even riding your motor cycles to come.  It was better than Prom Night. (maybe because I actually had a date this time).  I guess the year of looking for class mates paid off somewhat.  I can now erase the 1000 emails I have saved.  I no longer have to spend my days and nites at the computer. Colby said she felt like Schindler trying to find "just one more" There are still so many to be found.  Lets all keep looking.   My husband has been so great and I wish tell all of you how wonderful he was.  He washed countless mixing bowls from my making cupcakes and I think he was afraid I was having an affair with my computer.  His patience has been never ending.

Thanks to all of you for putting up with utter caos and being patient with those of us who have never done this type of event before.  A forty year renion may be one of the only times it is OK to start a conversation by looking directly at someones chest.  Thank heavens for Delon Curtis, Karen Bradleys husband, those Name tags were life savers. And Thanks Kathy Peterson for your help categorizing them.

I could have danced all night, and nearly did.  Staying up til 4am was hard on this old body.  I can testify that Mike Gudmundson has now made up for three years he never talked to me.  He kept the party going with Colby and Me till the wee hours.  I am still suffering from that almost all nighter

Colby was so fabulous with the memorabilia table.  If she had not done that, we would not have had anything.  She also did all of the MOST OF gifts, except the one for Denise Brinkerhoff which I provided as we are both aussie wanna be's.

And Diena, what can I say about her.  There were some days that I hated her for doing this to US.  What,... was she crazy? Ulimately it was a privlidge to find and serve my Granitian family.  So many friends, so many years.  You are all dear to my heart, you grew me up and I thank you for your willingness to help a once shy self concious classmate, by coming to our reunion.  To my Millcreek Stake friends, (2nd and 9th wards) I didn't get to spend any time with you so please keep in touch as It was so wonderful finding you all again.

Nancy, the little spit fire; and up against Brian Hale she is little.  Don't let her size fool you.  She is so determined to not have any focus on her, but her skill at putting together the web site would have even impressed Mark Zuckerberg. We will have the website for 10 years, so please continue utlizing it.

Vickie Kay, don't let her soft spoken nature fool you.  She is a major negotiator.  And did she do a great job or what with that caterer.  The one bite of steak I got was fabulous.  Next reunion I hope to get a whole plate of food.  Thanks to Vickies Children etc for the fine job they did of checking people in.  Thanks Lynn Reynolds for bring Susan to help my nieces serve.

Ralph, my new found friend.  What angst we went through to get the deceased correct, apparently to no avail.  His banner was fabulous.  I hope some one got a picture of that.

Steve Brown is a natural.  What would a reunion be without him in the fray.  I really appreciate him coming thru for us.  Bob Davidson, you are slated to be the next Steve Brown, after Joe Huish however.  Mike G, I'm not sure if you realized that you got a standing Ovation.  You are still a crooner and I hope that you and your key board made it back to Minnesota. So grateful to Maurine Bryson for playing for him.  Mike we are all so lucky to have had this reunion because of  our fateful encounter at Brighton when you butted into mine and my friends conversation.  Good Work.

Guylynn and Ruth your help with the decorations was so appreciated.  It was a pleasure working with you.  If you need flowers or Plants Ruth has them.  Bruce Bevan, you were a life saver with those table cloths.  Everyone please use Bruces linen company if you ever need linen.  His contribution was beyond my expectations.  Thanks for coming to the reunion Bruce.

Thanks to the other years classmates for attending, It was a pleasure to have you join us.  Jerry Reed was a weath of information on how to put on a reunion.  He could fanchise his services. Thanks to my friends Roy and Diane Angus for coming, I guess I groveled enough.  They too have a nursery.  Lets support our class mates and buy GRANITIAN.

About the Raffle!!! Well, that is one thing to work on next reunion.  I applogize that it got started so late and many people went home.  If you had your eye on something special, and you paid your money,  I may still have it let me know.  Thanks to Jan LeCheminant for helping obtain some of those items and to all others which donated Items. I loved every minute we shared and I just want you all to know that from where I was standing you were all Beautiful.  Keep posting pictures as I wasn't able to get any.  Using the website to make a speach is not so bad, it is not so noisy.

Love to you all Lorrie Belcher

PS did any one see my sneakers which did not make it home with me?

06/06/11 07:01 PM #15    


Lorrie Belcher (Maeger)

PS, I also wanted to thank the Class officers who came for humoring me and letting me recognize their service to us through the years.  Well at least 4 out of 10 aint bad (I think there is a song in there somewhere).  Thanks for being such good sports.  Here's to you Bud, Mike G, Bill G, and Claudia.  We love you guys.  LB

06/07/11 07:36 AM #16    


Nita Leonard (Jensen)

I had a great time, too.  It was good to see people after 40 years who had been a daily part of your life while in high school.  THANKS Lorrie, Diena, Vickie, Colby, Ralph and all the committees who worked to make the reunion a success ( and it was!).  The memories really are priceless.

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