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In Memory

Dixon Hindley

Dixon Hindley

Dixon Duprée Hindley died peacefully on February 21st, 2024 after a brief and courageous battle with cancer. Born on March 27th, 1948, Dixon was a defense attorney, child of San Francisco's beat generation, and an avid lover of a good poem. He was preceded in death by Elizabeth Anne Duprée Hindley and Harold Dixon Hindley.

"But the poem was born elsewhere, and need not stay. Like the wild geese of the Arctic it heads home, far above the borders, where most things cannot cross." -Gary Snyder

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02/25/24 01:32 PM #1    

John Mannos

Dixon, a great guy and a good friend may his memory be eternal.

John Mannos

02/26/24 04:47 PM #2    

Kathy Schoenhals (Feigal)

I first met Dixon when we were in Sunday School togerther at age 7. He was cute and funny. I don't remember having any classes with him in Elementary, Jr. High or High School. When I ran into him at reunions, he was always pleasant and friendly and somewhat mysterious. It makes me sad to think of him dying alone in a rest home of lung cancer.

02/26/24 09:56 PM #3    

Jesse Fox

I am feeling very sad about this passing. Dick (as I knew him) was my very first friend. At the age of 5 I remember sitting under a tree on my street feeling sad that I didn't have a friend when Dick came marching out of the house he had just moved into up the street from me. We became fast friends and grew up as best buddies until late junior high when we kind of branched out to different friend groups. But I have always felt a closeness to him even until this very day. We hardly ever saw each other but yet, he came to my fathers funeral out of the blue. I will always cherish that first BFF and will miss him. Each March 27th I will think of him on his birthday. God bless you, Dick. Thanks for your friendship. 

02/27/24 04:37 PM #4    

John Stewart

He always made me laugh,a special wit & humor.

Is so sad that he apparently died alone? in a rest home, especially of lung cancer.

03/01/24 12:11 PM #5    

Conrad Hunsaker

We became good friends in Jr High.  Best memory was our road trip to California in summer of 1965.  Mark Anderson, Dixon, and I started out in San Francisco and ended in San Diego before heading home.  Memorable stop was in Carmel, spending the night and next day on the beach.  We talked about that trip for a full year before graduation.  Dixon became a professional student attaining degrees in Geology, Archeology. and Law.  In early 1990's Dixon was selected as an attorney to argue legal cases before the Supreme Court.  As far as I know, Dixon never got married. I will always remember him as humorous, intelligent, and very trustworthy.  "REST IN PEACE MY GOOD FRIEND".

PS:  Always thought Dixon looked like Ron Perla

03/03/24 09:57 PM #6    

Bob Franz

Dixon Hindley was a great kid.  I remember the day President Kennedy was shot.  We were released from school and we spent the day together in shock.

03/08/24 04:06 PM #7    

Rodney Daynes

There were so many crazy memories. Here’s one.

It was the summer of 1968. Dixon and I were driving up the California coast on our way to visit friends in Oregon. We were in my old Ford, and those were the days before FM radio, the car only had an AM radio. So, spinning the dial around, Dixon found a radio station just coming into range. The DJ put on a song. It played for a minute or so, and then the record got stuck in a groove, and stayed that way, repeating, repeating repeating. We’d expected the DJ to fix it, but he didn’t, record stayed stuck. At one point we decided we’d have to keep listening just to see if the DJ would do something, anything, but no, the record kept repeating, repeating, repeating. About 20 minutes later, we pulled into a dinky little town on the far north of the California coast and had dinner at a greasy spoon. About 30 minutes later, we got back in the car, turned on the radio, and the record was still stuck. At this point we HAD to keep listening. Maybe the DJ had died or something. Whatever, we stayed on that radio station until it eventually went out of range, and the record was still stuck.

Dixon, you'll be missed.

03/13/24 05:49 PM #8    

Vicky Hedges (Bohlig)

Dixon was my friend. We were close those early years after high school. Meeting at the university Huddle to talk for hours on everything and anything. I cherish the wild rides, buzzing around in his old beat up VW bug usually stopping first for drive-through burgers at Dee's before our adventures. We laughed all the time. He had such a crazy, witty, funny sense of humor. Dixon introduced me to many new things. Once we went to the Joe Hill House, a halfway stop for transients and railroad bums, and listened to Ammon Hennessy read from Mao's Red Book and heard Bruce (Utah) Phillips sing old Union and folk songs! Dixon knew about places like that. Being with him was always interesting, often exciting and daring. He'd throw pebbles at my window late at night to wake me up so he could tell me a dream or something philosophical. His thoughts were deep. He always was searching. He never realized, I believe, how much he influenced me. He left for San Francisco and we sporadically kept in contact through the years. I never knew when he'd surprise with a call, a letter or in later years an email. Diamonds and rust it was. Dixon always had a piece of my heart. Farewell old friend. I will miss you. I already do. 

03/14/24 08:05 PM #9    

Doug Rigby

All these memories of a special person, was Dixon.  I'll miss his soft chuckle and his great sense of humor.  Even though it's been some years since I've been able to sit down with him like we did as teen agers and really search the universe.  RIP

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