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Welcome to our Website!

Please enjoy reconnecting with your friends!

Let me know if you have any questions at all!

Website Administrator, Marsha Draper Fryer


50th Reunion snapshot!  June 4th, 2016

(see more photos at above tab "Reunion Memories")


Here is how the day of our Highland High Class of ’66 50th Reunion seemed to flow:

The whole entertainment part of our 50th reunion was in only four sections:

1.  A short thank you to the many rams who spent so much time putting this together.

2.  Brad Nygren announced of all the rams who showed up and signed in at the reunion. (We apparently had between 250 and 300 total participants, including many of our significant-other, non-rams and ewes).

3.  Rick Clayton wrote and performed for us a song specifically about our reunion, with his own fine mandolin accompaniment.   A video of this, the lyrics and song itself, can be found on the website.  It was very impressive and we appreciated Rick sharing his talent with us!  

4.  We sang a stirring rendition of HAIL HIGHLAND HIGH, led by our cheerleaders, Scott Sharp and Sue Neilson (Thurman).

The rest of the DAY, the morning, afternoon, and evening into the dark of night was having all of us enjoy one another.  Some of us were lucky enough to interact for 12 full hours with at least 250 other of us.

People started showing up at the sugarhouse's sugar beet pavilion to put up the tent, chairs, tables, banners, table decorations, sound system, drinks and food preparation as early as 9:30 a.m. when the full day was done, after the tent was folded, all the trash was gathered and put where it belonged, it was 9:30 p.m.

There were many who stepped up and did this quietly and without fanfare.  About thirty stayed on into the night to put this all correctly to bed.

I would say this reunion was a success because of many people in our class.  Let us especially smile at Marsha Draper (Fryer), Kent Scott, Laurel Parker (Rohlfing) and her husband Tom Rohlfing from the class of '65, and LaNett Williams Dial.

Jim Saley called the salt lake county at the earliest time it opened on the first day of march this year to reserve the Sugar Beet pavilion for us for the whole day.  Then he rented and brought the canopy (tent), some tables, 102 folding chairs, and brought them in his truck with three other helpers.  Then in the dark he loaded it all up and quietly took it back.  No bows for applause.

Ann Bennion (Robinson) did ALL the decorations, banners and headed the name tag committee.

Joe Leverich has been our CPA, who has insured this reunion will be in the black and has kept track of the payments and expenses

Ruthann Hutchinson (Johnson) and Lori Duncan (Boyer) set up the Dutch oven food catering, which was certainly a success.  Ask anyone, the consensus was that it was delectable.  No e. coli outbreaks have been documented.  Instead, most of us got fatter.  (The Dutch Oven Shoppe, Brigham City, UT)

Dave Robinson brought ALL the ice, with the fine help of our senior class vice president, Spence Young.

Kent Scott and Mardi Jensen contributed the water and drinks.

Randy Hanks set up the sound system, which included 6 hours of oldies...he also kept the volume down nicely.  No stupid DJ's involved.  Just an ambience to surround us for a while.

Brad Nygren went through the sign-in lists with his mellifluous voice and enjoyable humor, announcing each ram and ewe to much applause

Ginger Fletcher ran our sign-in desk, along with Lynda Corak (Robinson).  It was a HOT day.  They had NO relief for hours.  They also took in money from the rams who hadn't paid before the reunion.

Maureen Aylett (Ellison-Godfrey) and Lynda Corak (Robinson) and compiled as accurate list as possible of all our deceased class members for a presentation during the reunion.

Marsha Draper (Fryer) spent tens and tens of hours putting together ALL aspects of this website, copying our class photos for our name tags to be given out at the reunion, and took the list and photos of all our classmates who are no longer alive and put them together in a continuous video program which played on a side table the whole reunion day.  The video has been posted to the “In Memory” area.

Kent Scott orchestrated our monthly meetings out of his law office, which included live and phone conferences.  His personal secretary spent weeks trying to track down any leads on the many classmates who we have not been able to get in touch with.

Laurel Parker (Rohlfing) and LaNett Williams (Dial) headed the committee which tried to find the best and latest phone numbers, email addresses and home addresses of all of us.  The committee was 19 other classmates who personally were in charge of trying to get in touch with +30 names apiece.  We also need to give thanks to Rick Clayton, Sandi McCann Poulsen, Greg Fortin, John Oldham, Legrand Richardson, Scott Donaldson, Scott Bringhurst, Brigham Spencer Young, Jeanne Bridwell Bennion, Jim Saley, Ann Bennion Robinson, Lori Duncan Boyer, Ruthann Hutchinson Johnson, Lynda Corak Robinson and Maureen Aylett Godfrey.

Tom Rohlfing (class of '65) was instrumental in helping Marsha initially set up our website, and continued to give us hints and invaluable information from his doing this almost totally alone for HIS own class, a year ago.

Suffice to say, these things just don't happen.

Thanks to all.  We are very lucky to have so many step up and participate.  For our next reunion we can use help from more of you.  This has been a beautiful labor of love.  We really RAMmed it through this time.

BUT, MORE IMPORTANTLY, WE KNEW FROM THE START THAT THIS WEBSITE WOULD BE MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN ONE DAY IN SUGARHOUSE PARK. IT IS A REFERENDUM FOR ANY OF US TO PARTICIPATE IN, IN ANY WAY WE WANT. There is a chance to send a private message to anyone, as we'll as the public interactions we can all enjoy or get bored with.  It will be continued for at least three years. My vote is to add a few more to that too. THIS WEBSITE IS FOR EVERYONE...THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS TO USE IT.

Another reunion?  Why not do it again?  In 10 years...or maybe 5?  Before we forget....  

                                 .....Scott Bennion