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Jeff Jones

Jeffrey Capener Jones 1947 ~ 2010 Our Dear Brother, Uncle and Friend, Jeffrey C. Jones passed away on April 28, 2010, at home. He is survived by his three sisters, Nancy Hansen, Judy Stephenson, Susan Arnold and many nieces and nephews. A memorial service will be at Wasatch Lawn, 3401 So Highland Drive, at 2:00 p.m. on Monday, May 3rd, where friends may call one hour prior to services. Jeff was the World's Greatest Duck Hunter second only to World's Greatest Tease. He was so hilarious that no matter where he was, someone was bound to be laughing. He was born in Salt Lake City September 21, 1947 to Keith W. and Phyllis C. Jones. He attended Highland High and the U of U. He was a member of the LDS Church. He served in the Nat'l Guard for six years with an honorable discharge. He worked for 25 years at the Airport and retired one month ago. His hobbies included hunting and fishing, but his joy was his place at the Ambassador Duck Club where he spent most of his free time. He was a generous and kind man willing to help anyone in need. He devoted the last five years to his Uncle Bill's care. He was loved deeply by his family and friends will be greatly missed. 

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04/14/16 10:31 PM #3    

Roger Alfrey

Well it is a long time has gone by since our childhoods together. We went through cub scouts and scouts and all the way through school from Kindergarten to High School Graduation.  Living a couple of blocks away was the best as I remember the sleep overs and the TV nights with Phyllis and teasing Suzie and Judy until I thought they were going to get you for good.  Lots of local friends in the hood and sleep outs and fence hopping etc etc.  Point being now, that you are gone, is that I missed your services and I apologize now for not being that friend that you had been for me many times in the past.  The last I saw you was when you were remodeling one of the Terminals at the SLC Airport.  You didn't live at the family home then as I went by and you had moved on.  I looked for your old truck everywhere.  I am sure you still had it stashed somewhere.  Old Blue was one sweet ride.  Cruising with you was the best.

Finding out you had passed away was a stunner for me and for some others.  Many of us didn't know what had happened so I called Suzie to get the events straight as to what had taken place.  She said you had just retired from the SLC Airport Carpentry Shop and you had just received your first retirement check.  She told me how you had lived alone for some time and about your divorce etc and that you were still a major hunter fisher and gun and rifle enthusiast but you had pretty much made the Ambassador Duck Club your home.  You had met a really decent couple out there that had put you under their wing and you spent more time their than at your real home.  I suppose you traded in your favorite tavern seat for your favorite lawn chair at the Club.  Suzie said she was sitting at home one day and you had called and said you were not feeling well.  You thought you may have had food poisoning or something and you asked her to come get you and take you to the hospital.  30 minutes later standing on your porch ringing the door bell with no answer she used her key and went in and called your name.  Again, no answer.  She went looking and found you laying on your bathroom floor with no pulse.  She said, and I agree, that it was a great way to go.  Apparently you had heart failure which did run in the family. She said you had been cremated and your friends from the Duck Club took your ashes and reloaded shotgun shells with them and one morning soon after your services 14 people lined up at the Club and when the Bell went off they all fired at once and there you were all over Farmington Bay.  Now we know what took place and where to find you.  Nicely done my friend.  A great life and a great departure.  I would have expected nothing less for you.  I feel much happiness for you and sorrow for me as I won't be able to see you anymore and reminisce about the crazy things we used to come up with.  I am sure that the Big Duck Club in the Sky has the best hunting you've ever known.  Say Hi to Phyllis for me and your dad and save a place for me so I can know you again when my time comes. Take Care Brother!!  Still loving The You I always knew.......Roger Alfrey





04/15/16 12:09 AM #4    

Sandra McCann (Poulsen)

Beaufiful entry, Roger!  Sandi

04/15/16 08:08 AM #5    

Lynda Corak (Robinson)

I agree with Sandi, beautifully done Roger.

04/15/16 08:19 AM #6    

Kristine Jensen (Bartle)

A beautiful tribute to Jeff Jones who was a friend to all. Thank you Roger.

04/15/16 09:49 AM #7    

Laraine Isom (Blackham)

Such a nice tribute.  Thank you for writing it.

04/15/16 11:49 AM #8    

Lorin Astin

Very nice Roger, I remember many good times with you Jeff and others.  Jeff always had a smile and could make everything fun.  Rest in peace Jeff. 

04/15/16 11:57 AM #9    

Tomma Gooding (Hargraves)

Thanks for telling his story, Roger... 

04/15/16 07:58 PM #10    

Sheila Summerhays

I remember Jeff well.  He often came to my house on Friday night with his crew.  It saddens me that he is gone. 


04/16/16 09:42 AM #11    

Marie Magleby

Thank you for your beautiful description of Jeff's life and character.

08/26/18 12:15 PM #12    

Scott Bennion

roger alfrey.  my what a wonderful note!  i always appreciated jeff jones, his personality and his smile.  we only talked a few times together, but he was very entertaining and classy.  i wonder often about some of our classmates and what path we may have taken, as these years fly by.  thanks for updating us all on jeff's life and death, roger.  you not only put it together beaufully, but we have come through with true eulogy from one friend to another.  rest in peace, jeff, you are fondly remembered.  

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