In Memory

Kyle Dalebout

Kyle Dalebout


MARCH 26, 1948 – MARCH 21, 2021



My favorite memory of you was when you and I would go to Savers. You’d let me play with all the toys while you read the books they had.

I miss you dad and I love you!

Kayla Dalebout

March 23, 2021


Carym Martin

October 9, 2021

I have been worried about Kyle and have been wondering what happened to him. I hadn’t seen or heard from him since the beginning of the Pandemic. I was so sad today when I Goggled his name and saw that he had died. I have known him for 20 years. He was like a brother to me. I met him at a singles dance and we became friends. He was one of the first people I met when I became single and his friendship was a blessing in my life at that time. We had so much fun driving together to the singles dances in Utah County, talking and laughing all the way. Later on I would run in to him at Fashion Place Mall. We would talk and laugh. He was such a kind, sweet man. I will miss him dearly. The obituary doesn’t say anything about him or give any information about what happened to him. Please if anyone knows any information about him, please e-mail me at


Sandra Dagsen/Kelley

March 25, 2021

I met Kyle in the fall of 2018 at a LDS Singles dance in Farmington, Utah. He was seated near the door and watching. I sat down beside him and we started talking .He liked to talk. After awhile he asked me to dance and he was a good dancer but a little unsure of himself. He wanted to be sure he was dancing the right way or right steps. He was willing to try to learn new dances or dance steps. I always looked for him as we were good friends and liked talking and dancing. I noticed last Friday he did not make it to the dance and he did not answer his phone. I called him over the weekend and still no answer. When my cell phone said "Kyle" when it rang today, I was excited to think he was finally returning my call. I was glad that his son was calling me so I would not have to wonder any more. However, I will miss my friend and dance partner. Until we dance again.





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10/25/21 04:46 PM #1    

LeGrand Richardson

I first met Kyle in the late 50 s, Kyles Dad was our Little League (assistant coach) he lived on 13th south, below 1900 East. (1300 South was the dividing line between Highland and East High) People on the border could pick and choose. I didn't know him well, but he was always nice and kind of quiet. We miss him. LeGrand

10/26/21 02:27 PM #2    

Michael Record

As best as I can remenber, I first saw Kyle at Highland Park elementary school.  I was probably in 4th grade or so and they brought Kyle into the class room.  We found out later that he was adopted from Greece and his parents lived on Filmore St. just two houses No. of 27th So. right by the school.  When they introduced him to the class he became very agitated and was kinda out ot control, he realy coudn't speak or understand english.  They took him out, but a little later he came back in with a policeman.  We were all scared that he was in big trouble but found out it was his adopted dad.

I remember playing with him on the play grounds and even going to his house a couple of times, but realy lost track of him after grade school.  Always had good feelings for him and remembered him everytime I heard the word Greece.  RIP

10/26/21 03:40 PM #3    

Craig Smith

I met Kyle when he first came over from Greece in the third grade. He didn't speak a word of english but I befriended him and we played together and became best friends for the next couple of years  Somehow we just stopped playing together  but  were friendly all through high school  I remember when kids did not understand he would kick at them not to make contact just to keep them away  man he could kick so high  I remembered him quite often because the only other Kyle I ever knew was my father-in-law.

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