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01/14/12 05:28 PM #1    


Dave Barton

Welcome everyone! I hope you all get involved in making this site work. I am excited about our upcoming reunion. 

01/16/12 02:06 PM #2    


Ron Knowlton

Thanks for the invite! This is a great looking site with many nice features. Thanks for putting it all together!

01/26/12 08:34 PM #3    


Dave Barton

A Note from Rita Riddle Wright

"Save These Dates"

We have finally confirmed dates for our 40 Year Reunion. Post these dates on your calendar. Friday September 21st and Saturday September 22nd, 2012. Try to plan on a full day of activites on both days. Details of the final plans will be posted after a committee meeting on February 22nd, 2012.

02/01/12 07:44 PM #4    


Tom Martindale

A few of us met today to discuss the golf outing/tournament that is being planned as part of the reunion.  From my perspective, the excitement is starting to build.  Better yet, it's great to watch other people get involved that brings even more excitement to this event.  The ball is rolling, getting bigger, stronger and faster.  Climb aboard and get involved... it gets better everyday.  And if you don't believe that, just watch and see whats happening!


04/05/12 01:20 PM #5    

Suzanne Perkins (Roderick)

I had heard that there would be a social on Friday at the hotel for those not wishing to participate at the school.  Has that idea been scrapped?  I

Suzanne Roderick

07/16/12 08:18 AM #6    

Paul Philips

Great Website Dave! Good job for those that put this together, a lot of fun to look through all the tabs and photos.


09/29/12 10:50 AM #7    


Ron Knowlton


The virtual reunion is sure a nice feature! Thanks for adding that, Dave! It gives those who couldn't attend an opportunity to experience the reunion from a distance and it gives those of us who were there an opportunity to look back and remember the reunion activities.
One note - in the first picture for the 'Talent and Storytelling' program (where you've identified Lois Marsing, Edd Clark, Cori Lloyd Power, Cynthia Howe Riggs in the caption) note that there are two other classmates in the photo as well. They are (just to the left of Lois) myself (Ron Knowlton) and to my left is Debbie Kidd Zumwalt.

01/15/13 04:52 PM #8    


Suzann Loomis (Withers)

I don't know how to write directly to Kim Taylor, so I hope I can send my condolences here.


Kim, I didn't know your wife, and haven't seen you since high school; however, please    know that I (and many others I'm certain) care about you and your family and hold you in our hearts at this terribly difficult time.  

Take care

Suzann (Loomis) Withers

02/10/13 02:07 PM #9    


Bruce Bateman

For those who aren't LDS, please bare with me here. 

Big presentation in church today on the new youth curriculum and the presenters showed a video  that started with Pres. Monson announcing the age reduction for mission calls and then the video goes on to show a ton of kids opening their mission call letters. So what does this have to do with this forum?  ALL the kids they showed were...(now brace yourselves)....OLYMPUS TITANS!!!  I of course had to appropriately chastise the presenter for his choice of videos - these California folk just don't know any better.  :-)

Got me wondering - has the Skyline/Olympus rivalry survived?  Do we still battle for the Rock?  Who has it?  Enquiring Utah expats want to know. 

Bruce Bateman

05/13/13 07:19 PM #10    

Ted Mabey

The "Battle of the Rock" still flourishes, although not as 'enthusiasticly' as in the past!  The current owner of "The Rock" is, unfortunately, Olympus!

Changing the subject...for those who are interested, a friend of mine, Mario Naujoks and myself are still in contact with a former Skyline German teacher Herr Clegg (Darrell Clegg).  We get together with him on occasion, ande Saturday May 18th is the day.  Nothing too formal, we just meet at the food court at Fashion Place Mall and talk about memories of German Class, German Club and the like.  If you are interested, we will meet at 1:30pm this Saturday at the Fashion Place Mall food court.  Please come join us!!

03/19/17 07:08 PM #11    


Larry Jensen

You know when see ancient indian petroglyphs carved in the sandstone and then you notice that after the aboriginals carved their story, every few years, other people scratched in their own petroglyphs?  Like "Dwight, Boise, 57" and "Sooners Rule 1978!" and the like.  

So, you know, when you are standing in front of that wall and you notice that you are by yourself and no one is looking and you feel so compelled to just scratch something onto the rock that will be looked upon with curiosity and delight 2,000 years from now like Dwight from Boise 57. Depending on the rock, that's almost imortality.

Well, I am in front of a sandstone wall right now.  It's a quiet place undiscovered by all but a few random humans, probably accidently, who clicked on "Message Forum" on their 1972 high school alumni website. These folks came of age in a time when etch-a-sketchs were considered computers so I'm pretty sure at least half these former classmates did not hitch a ride on the interweb train. And those that did, are now in their 60s and not likely chatting it up, on-line between surgeries.  

So, there is abundant space available on the wall since the last carving in 2013.

Cheers to all of you who wander down this desolate canyon a few years from now.  People in the future might note our marks and wonder. Here goes

Larry, Draper 2017.

08/27/17 03:52 PM #12    

Steve Glick

My good friend Mike Fairbanks passed away today.  He moved across the street from me when we were in grade school. He and I have been close friends throughout the years.  For those of you who remember, Mike had a rare genetic disorder that left him with a noticeable physcial handicap.  He had multiple surgeries throughout his life, had several metal plates inserted into his body, spent time in body casts, and sufferred much physical pain througout his life.  In spite of this, he got everything he could out of life and lived life to the fullest.   Watching Mike endure through these amazing years has been a constant reminder to me to be grateful for everything I have.  One of my great fortunes in life was to have this remarkable person as my friend. 

08/27/17 07:28 PM #13    

Mark Bult

Steve, I'm sure you are heartbroken to lose such a good friend. My prayers and thoughts are with you. MARK BULT

08/28/17 09:56 AM #14    

Marc Orlob

I will always remember his happy and positive spirit.

08/28/17 12:45 PM #15    


Tom Martindale

I'm so sorry to hear this...Mike was such a great guy!  RIP old friend...and now spread those wings and fly like never before.

08/28/17 06:31 PM #16    


Todd Morris

Thanks for posting, Steve.  Didn't Mike have a web video with the Y team during a half-time or pregame when he attempted to tear a phone book in half to motivate the team?  I'm sure that was Mike, but correct me if I'm wrong.  Sorry we didn't link up at reunion... it was fun (knee replacement next week... maybe I'll golf with you come 50th!)

08/29/17 06:03 AM #17    


Dave Barton

Mike was a true friend and an inspiration to all that knew him. If ever you feel sorry for yourself when times get tough, just remember Mikes struggles and the way he faced them. I'm sure it will  inspire you to go on. 

08/29/17 08:21 AM #18    

Alan Tingey

Steve, thank you for the information about Mike.  Some people have the gift of lifting others in spite of their own chllanenging circumstances... and Mike was one of them.  Always thinking of others, Mike's cheerfulness is something I will always remember.  I, too, deem him to be a great friend and once again count my blessings to have been part of such a wonderful high school graduating class.  Mike represented everything good about our class.

08/29/17 04:42 PM #19    

Fay Ottley (Croxford)

Remembering fondly our neighborhood friend growing up,  Mike Fairbanks.  His courage and endurance have been amazing.  Thanks, Steve, for being such a true frien 

08/30/17 10:05 AM #20    

Leila (Lee) Smith (Daines)

Steve, thank you for the information.  Mike could always get me to me laugh, He and I were often paired together (maybe middle school) because of our same height. I went to a musical festival with him at Westminster and he intoduced me to a sweet and sour candy stick in a lemon. I'm sorry to hear of his passing.

08/30/17 02:41 PM #21    

Dru Weggeland (Clark)

Thanks Steve for posting about Mike.  I also cherish my memories of Mike, he was my mentor in true grit, humor and courage.  My favorite memory  was in our 9 year old Sunday School class and and Mike let out  a moan and threw a flat, plastic, fake barf pad in front of his seat.  Our young teacher let out a scream and ran out of the classroom.  Mike picked up his pretend vomit and put it in his pocket!  We were thrilled with Mike's antics and our teacherless class.   Forever blessed by Mike.       Dru Weggeland Clark




02/14/21 08:22 AM #22    


Rick Strout

Hi there   just updates from the Strouts  as this crazy time in our life continues, with some hope of it starting to return to normal  and hopefully soon. as so many of us have been hunkering down and working from home, doing home repairs and cancelling our travel plans...for now are least.. Clarese and I have been remodeling our home and yard..Actually it's been great    We hope that all is well with Y'all and hope to see you soon.. Be safe and stay happy! Go Eagles!

02/15/21 09:40 AM #23    


Todd Morris

Rick, I too have been "remodeling" both the house and myself!  I lost 80 pounds during the year and can now fit into my Letter Jacket again😎  plan on making it a even 100 by 50th.  Hope all are healthy and happy!

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