1972 Alumni Scholarships

Dear Friends and Classmates,

I am inviting you at this time of year to make a tax deductible donation to our Class of 72 Alumni scholarship fund. We created this scholarship program back on our 40th Year Reunion and have done numerous scholarships to date. We have given specific instructions to school administrators to find someone that would not be able to find funding in any other way. There are no set qualifications or requirements other than to be recommended by a teacher or counselor.

Many of our positive learning experiences began at Skyline and we have enjoyed giving back to those students that can use our help. Our goal is to fund at least one yearly scholarship. We presented our first scholarship in 2013 and have done at least one or two scholarships each year. This scholarship will be administered by the Granite Education Foundation, under the direction of our selected class representatives. Please use the DONATE button below and give whatever you feel you can give. No donation is too small and every donation will help us reach our goal. Keep in mind that you may work for a company that will match your donation so go to your employer and ask. That would double your gift. All gifts are Tax deductible and you will receive a receipt from the Granite Education Foundation for your taxes. Let’s add to the legacy that we already have and make it greater.