72 Alumni Food Bank Drive

Hello fellow classmates! Many have expressed interest in doing something positive for our community here in Utah (home state of the infamous Skyline High School). We have our own web donation site that is now up and running.

With the technology we have today we can all participate, not only in that scheduled event, but a virtual food bank drive online. We can all start immediately with our donations. For every $1 donated to Utah Food Bank we are able to turn that into $7 worth of goods and services by using this donation site.

1972 Class of Skyline High Food Drive Team Link

Please click on this icon to donate now.


Note from the Utah Food Bank

Thank you so much for conducting a food and fund drive on behalf of Utah Food Bank.  It is because of the generosity of persons like you that no one in Utah has to go to bed hungry.   

Due to these difficult economic times about 400,000 Utahns are at risk of missing one meal a day. 

A fast and easy way for people to truly help us in the fight against hunger is by donating funds.  For every $1 donated to Utah Food Bank we are able to turn that into $7 worth of goods and services.  As well, for a $1 donation we can acquire 4.39lbs of food. 

In an effort to make this fun and easy we have created a Virtual Food Drive.  Your support of our Virtual Food Drive is how we are able to purchase many of our most needed items at a greatly discounted price. 

Please find below your Virtual Food Drive Link. 

1972 Class of Skyline High


A great advantage of this amazing tool is that you can easily track online giving in the Team Donation Report page under your food drive account. 

Thank you again for hosting this food and fund drive. Please let me know if you need anything else.



Utah Food Bank