Pam Hatch

Profile Updated: May 23, 2016
Residing In: Mesa, AZ USA
Spouse/Partner: None
Occupation: RegisteredNurse
Children: Angela, born 1973, has 1 daughter who has twin daughters
Jessica, Born 1976, has 1 son who has 1 More…daughter
Suzanne born 1978, has 1 son, 2 daughters
Jefferry born 1979, has 1 daughter, 1 step daughter 1 step son
Kirt, born 1980, has 3 daughters and 1 son
Mark, born 1982, has 1 daughter and 2 step daughters

After Graduation, I went a little wild and became the mother of a beautiful daughter who is now my best friend and room mate. When she was 2 years old I married and had 5 more children, 3 sons and 2 more daughters. We divorced in 1997. I married again in 1999. I acquired 5 more children in the marriage, 3 daughters and 2 sons. We were married 5 years. After we divorced I bought a home in Queen Creek AZ and did Home Health Nursing. I Loved it! I am currently single living in Mesa, Arizona. I am very proud of my children including one interior designer, a master's degree registered nurse and a paralegal. I have 15 grand children from the ages of 8 years-22 years. I love working and traveling whenever I can. I have been to the Caribbean, Acapulco, Bahamas,Lived in New Hampshire briefly and the North west states. I love life and am always on the lookout for adventure. I an working on a progressive care cardiac surgery unit in a hospital in Mesa, AZ! I have recently started hiking and exploring Arizona. Amazing. I love to go out, go dancing and singing still makes my heart work right. I am a movie buff and love to take the grandkids to the midnight movies whenever possible.
Funnest new adventure, I'M A GREAT GRANDMA. one girl born last Augsust and TWIN girls born April 22, 2016. Loving Life!!!

Current Classmate Friends:

Candy Seager Smart Enriquez, Ryan Nielson, Walt Gregory, Kent Rappelye, Dave Handley, Carrie Hale

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