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Larry Jensen
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Larry Jensen


Larry Jensen


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Draper, UT USA
Spouse/Partner: Kathleen Johnson (Viewmont HS 1973)
Occupation: Retired 1914 - (formerly owner of a small, family business in Draper, Utah.
Children: Nate (an attorney and commercial land developer and father of 4, born 1976), Natalie (a brilliant and More…beautiful mother of 3, born 1979), Jake (a creative and oft-times avant garde radio promotions executive and father of 2, born 1984, Hayley (an accomplished and cute-as-a-button BYU administrator, born 1987).

I sold my business and retired in 2014 so I have oodles of time now to update my inconsequential on-line profiles. I have lived a happy, charmed life. Right out of college a went to work for Procter and Gamble and worked in various positions for about 20 years. In the early 90's, tired of traveling I made a sharp turn and expanded my wife's business, The Newcastle School. We worked happily together for 20 years from 1994-2014, at which time we retired. Kathleen is my very best friend and we live in Draper, Utah. We are currently travelling on road trips to all the national parks, being past the Maui beach season of life now. We walk/jog most days and we are fortunate to be in great health. We have nine grandchildren so far, who all live locally in the Salt Lake Valley so we spend a lot of time at family sport, music and dance events. Though no longer LDS, I am a lifetime BYU fan, I attend a bunch of BYU sports events (football, basketball, volleyball mostly).

School Story:

I am a little embarrassed when I reflect upon high school because I was awkward and well, a bit stupid. I tried to grow up too fast. I expended far too much personal energy on sports and far too little on developing my mind, dating, friend-shipping others and enjoying my youth. I didn't smile enough. I didn't dance enough. I should have been a better friend. As evidenced by this solely self-centered "School Story", I was far too self-involved. I wish the golden rule had resonated more soundly with me when I was a teenager. I also wish they had provided comprehensive sex ed. It took me decades to finally get that right.

Current Classmate Friends:

I still regularly associate with Mike and Stephanie Lund, Dave and Janice Barton, Brad and Marianne Duckworth, Kim and Kelli Taylor and my old friend Todd Morris.

Favorite Teacher(s):

I seem to remember only the margins of high school. Seriously, I cannot remember my high school teachers except Ted Wilson (who graciously gave me all As) and Stan Dodds, who mercifully gave me all Ds, a pitiful upgrade from the Fs I really deserved. Elementary school and Jr High I remember like yesterday, but high school is fuzzy. But back to math... I am now 60 years old and after completing 40 years of life in business where I worked with numbers everyday and I never did have even one incidence where I needed to utilize algebra or trig. Really, what was the point of putting me through that decade-long sequence of ego-deflating math torture?

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