STEVE KO has challenged all colts to donate

2008 - It all started with DAN ASH, who donated $250.00 to the 2013 Reunion. 

2008 - STEVE KO then donated $250.01 and challenges anyone to BEAT that donation.

5/2011 - CYNDI JO MITTON MEANS has topped the challenge with $300.00 (for the Fri Night Party)

Of course, we appreciate ANY donations.  You can pledge here (scroll down) and then send the money to our treasurer or give it to any Executive Officer of the Reunion Committee. 

You can also (snail) mail donations to:
Crawford 1968 Reunion Committee
c/o Greg Estep
5621 Spartan Dr
San Diego, CA 92115 USA

Please mark your checks "donation" so we know where the money is to be allocated.  If you are giving cash, please ask for a receipt.

All donations go directly to the Reunion Committee of the Class of 1968 checking account. 

It takes 2 signatures (exec officers: treasurer and assistant treasurer -

Greg Estep & Patti Pepper Smith) to get any money out. 

The funds are used for reunion expenses only. 

All officers and committee members DONATE their time, effort, and own expenses associated with the reunions.



Scroll DOWN to donate "stuff" (like raffle items, etc)

UPDATES    UPDATES   UPDATES  Check out the Announcement Area on the Home Page!  You won't believe what all is going on there............!



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