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•   Christine Lubey (Arriaza)  1/7
•   Richard Uriarte  9/25
•   Susan Simmons  2/21
•   Suzanne Malinowski  4/3
•   Cathy Geramoni (Barry)  4/3
•   Michael Dito  4/2
•   Kevin Crilly  12/22
•   Cynthia Doss (Dominguez)  8/7
•   Anita M. Cooney (Reynolds)  2/8
•   Nancy Curtin  2/5
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1 lives in Arizona
63 live in California
1 lives in Florida
1 lives in Kentucky
1 lives in Missouri
1 lives in New Mexico
4 live in Oregon
1 lives in Washington
27 location unknown


•   Janice Mattrocce (Passanisi)  1/30
•   Cathy Geramoni (Barry)  2/8
•   Glen Harvey (Harvey)  2/8
•   Patricia Scollin (Sherwood)  2/9
•   Paul Cadinha  2/15


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St Anne of the Sunset
Class Of 1967

Welcome to the St. Anne's Class of 1967 website! 

If you happened upon this page by accident, welcome!.  I have scanned my wrinkled class photo and uploaded individual photos.  Please excuse the cracks in some of the photos -- I have not yet had a chance to photoshop them out.  If you have a better picture, please send it to me and I will upload.

This website is designed to reconnect members of the class of 1967, and to plan a party to celebrate our 60th birthdays.  Each member has a profile where you can tell the rest of the class a little bit about yourself.  There are currently only the default questions and a few others, but I will add more as I think of them or when I get suggestions from all of you.  Let me know if you have ideas for additional questions.  You can also upload photos of yourself and your family, or whatever else interests you.  Please visit often as we update the site.

We sent an email to those we have email addresses for, to invite them to join the website.  As more classmates join, it can really be fun, as you visit your classmates' profiles, and see what they have been up to the last 45 years!

Regrettably, we have also lost some of our classmates, and there is an "In Memory" section.  If you know of a classmate who has passed away, please let us know.

Let's see how many classmates we can get to join this site!


Join our class Facebook group!

There is a lot of chit chat about a variety of topics, and some preliminary party planning.  If you want to participate, please join.

First, go on Facebook and search for St. Anne's SF Class of 1967.

To join the group, click Ask to Join Group at the upper right side of the group's page. You can also be added to a group by a friend who is already a member.

Since groups require admin approval for you to join, you may have to wait for an admin to confirm your request.  So please be patient.  You will likely be added within 24 hours, unless the admins go on vacation. 


News for June 2013

6/30/13 A bowling party at Earl Anthony's in Dublin showed us just who has it and who doesn't (me).  Geoff Smyth and his son wowed the crowd with their curve balls that landed more strikes than anyone!  Joe Bennett did pretty well for himself, too.  Lorraine Cronin, Ray Domerge & Dan McCarthy cheered and Dan's son threw a few balls for Janice Mattrocce when she took a break from her very solid game.  Laura Flynn had a respectable game with a strike or two herself.  Mike Colen gave it his all, and entertained the crowd with his wit.  After the game, the group retired to Frankie, Johnny & Luigi's for some very delectable pizza.  A rematch will be scheduled soon.  


News for April 2013

4/20/13  The famous 420!  We met at Janice Mattrocce's house for a potluck planning session, and had a great and productive time!  There were about a dozen of us and we socialized in Janice's sunny backyard patio before we got down to business in the dining room.  We spent a lot of time going through the class list and strategizing about how to find people.  Along the way, the stories abounded and there was much laughter and tears (from the laughing, not from crying).  The girls got to hear lots of Monsignor Moriarty stories, too, from our former altar boys.  A good time was had by all!  Attendees: Joe Bennett, Glenn Jensen, Vic & Barbara Laconsay, Geoff Smyth, Jean O'Connor, Maryann Fried, Susan Simmons, Janice Mattrocce & Lorraine Cronin.

News for March 2013

3/17/13 A Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!  A half dozen or so of us, including Marie Ferreboeuf, Geoff Smyth, Janice Mattrocce, Laura Flynn, Glenn Jensen, Lorraine Cronin and Susan Simmons met at Louis near the Cliff House for a casual planning brunch.  We caught up on life and had a very enjoyable time.


News for February 2013

2/9/13 we had lunch at Val’s Restaurant & Lounge in Daly City.  We had a nice room in the back with two big tables, so everyone was able to visit.  All together there were 17 of us – Dan Nevin, Lorraine Cronin, Susie Donovan, Anita Cooney, Cathy Geramoni, Glen Harvey & his wife Karen, Janice Mattrocce, Bob Cuff & his wife, Joe Bennett, Laura Flynn, Lennie McCue, Glen Jensen, Susan Simmons, Geoff Smythe & Jean O’Connor.  There was lots of laughter and remembering the old times in the Sunset.  Everyone is excited about having a reunion sometime this summer or fall.  Stay tuned!

News for November 2012

11/24/12 We had a great lunch at Joe's of Westlake in Daly City!  Attendees were Glen Harvey and his wife Karen, Janice Mattrocce, Jean O'Connor, Laura Flynn, Pedro "Vic" Laconsay and his wife Barbara, Lorraine Cronin, Susan Simmons, Cathy Geramoni and Geoff Smythe.  It was fun talking about old times, particularly the St. Anne's experiences with teachers and Monsignor Moriarty.  Check out Photo Galleries for some snapshots of the group, and add more if you have some.

Getting ready to start planning the big 60th birthday bash!  I will put out a survey soon to find out what everyone wants to do.  Stay tuned!

News for September 2012

9/15/12 Lunch at Park Chow with Laura Flynn, Glen Harvey, Jean O'Connor, Lorraine Cronin, Susan Simmons, Sally Duffey and Cathy Geramoni.  Lot's of fun talking and reminiscing.  And talk about coincidence -- Ed Tywoniak's little sister was sitting at the table next  to us!  She was in town for her high school reuniuon and was having lunch beforehand.  Small world...  

News for August 2012

8/11/12 Changed the poll on the home page.  It would be great to have a new poll every week or two.  If anybody has ideas, please send them to me!

8/3/12 Added a new section called "Videos of the Time" and populated with a few things I found on YouTube.  If you have any others you would like to add, just let me know.  If you find them on YouTube, just click on "Share" and then "Embed", and then copy and paste the text into an email and send it to me.  I will take the code and add it to the page, and hopefully your video will appear!

News for July 2012

7/14/12 Added a couple of teacher biographies -- Sister Angela and Sister Paula Marie.

7/14/12 Added a new photo gallery - Girl Scout Activities -- does anyone have photos?  Any ideas for a gallery for the boys' activities?

News for June 2012

6/3/12  Added two new photo galleries -- Hobby Showcase and High School Reunion Photos.  Please upload anything you have in those categories!

6/4/12  Added a section to the User Forums called "Mind Your Business", where you can post the contact information for your business, along with a description and anything else you want to say about it.  As one member put it, "I'd rather buy from you than from someone I don't know", so feel free to advertise yourself here.  To add your business to the Forum, select "Mind Your Business" from teh User Forums, and then click on "Post New Topic".  Someday I will figure out a better place to put this, but for now, I think it works.

6/6/12  Added a new photo gallery -- Class Photos.  Lorraine Cronin uploaded the 6th Grade Girls and 7th Grade Girls class photos, and I uploaded the 8th Grade class photo.

6/9/12  Added another photo gallery -- Teachers.  I have a book with the pictures and biographies of Presentation Sisters and I scanned and uploaded the ones I could find.  I have also asked the author/publisher for permission to use the biographies, and I will add those to the Classmate Profiles section once I get that (crossing my fingers that I do).

6/15/12  Great news!  I got permission to put excerpts from the Presentation Sisters book on this website, so I will be doing so over the next couple of weeks.  You may be surprised at where some of them came from and what they have been doing with their lives.  Some were more than just scary teachers!

News for May 2012

5/19/12 Added a Photos section where we can share photos from the past and the present. There are several galleries, and more to come. Feel free to add to the collection!

5/22/12 Added the Billboard Top 40 songs from 1967 -- can you sing along?

5/27/12 Added a new photo gallery - High School Graduation Photos. I uploaded the ones I had from my Presentation 1971 yearbook to get us started. Please upload what you have for other schools, and if you have a better one of yourself from Pres, feel free to replace the one I uploaded.