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Christina Locke

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12/12/08 04:08 PM #1    

Caresse Carrie Shum (Nguyen)

Sadly, she died in a car accident on Highway 4 in the summer of 1991. She was with a group of friends who were drinking and driving and hit an oncoming car. It was very tragic and her life was cut short in an instant. It was such a devastation to her family and friends.

I grew up around the block from Christina but didn't actually meet her until Muir. She and I were as different as two people could be, but somehow we hit it off and became great friends in jr. high.

A great memory I have of her, when I actually didn't get into trouble, took place when I visited her after her family moved to Brentwood/Oakley after her sophomore year at SLHS. I arrived to visit and she asked me to shave her hair off. I'd never cut hair before! I told her that I wouldn't participate but in a matter of minutes I was holding the scissors and shaver. Anyway, her parents freaked out but didn't get too mad since I was partly responsible. I guess they thought I could "tame" her.

She had a beautiful spirit and a wonderful way of grabbing life by the horns. Unfortunately this also contributed to her death. She was a special person and is still missed today.

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Shana (Shoshana) Snape (Martinez)

I wanted to take a moment to honor and mention the life and memory of one of SLHS's greatest classmates and one of my dearest friends, Christina Locke.

Christina was an AMAZING and beautiful girl who had a great BIG heart, relentless zest for life and spunky/sassy personality. I was absolutely honored to have shared such a special bond with her during one of the most precious times of my life.

Unfortunately, Christina passed away from a horrifying car accident in 1991, which involved several other young lives. And as you can imagine, it was an enormous loss and devastation for all of their family members and friends.

Life as we knew it changed instantly...

If anyone has any wonderful stories to share about her life and/or more accurate information about her passing, please share...

Throughout the years, our paths merged and separated several times due to distance and/or girlfriend mood swings; but girl, oh, girl, when they came together, we had soooooooooo much fun.

I'll always remember the two of us secretly making a cake for my dad's birthday before he was due home from work to drive us to go see Pretty in Pink; and when he walked through the door, he stumbled backwards and gasped from the astonishing visual of two girls giggling and holding a great BIG pink cake, which had frosting smeared all over it, the floor, our hands, and of course, her shaved head and my screamin' fuchsia bangs :) Ha, ha, ha, Pappy absolutely loved every bit of it; but as you can imagine, we aged him an additional 5 years.

Peace & Love & Healing,

Christina, I am forever grateful to you for teaching me how to cherish the moment and how to keep my heart wide open to all the wonders of the world... Your buddy, Shana :)

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