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04/15/12 03:45 PM #2    


Dorothy H. Dobson

Hi Everyone!! I thought I would be the first to encourage you to please attend this year's 50th reunion. Your reunion committee may well be hanging it up after this event so if you don't come this time you might not get another chance!We will be posting updates as times grows near so if you have any questions about the reunion please post it so everyone can benefit from the answers. See you in September??

Dorothy Dobson '62

04/17/12 01:44 PM #3    

Dennis L. Wells


Thanks for taking the time to contact me.

I did not see Gayle Partch's name on either list of classmates.  HE is married to Cindy Peacock Partch's, class of 1962.  They are living in Anchorage Alaska, have one son and two grandsons.  I have a call in to him.

04/21/12 12:50 AM #4    


Chris Narum (Cheney (Administrator Account))

Hi Dennis,

Yes, we have Gale's address and phone.  He won't show up on the website until we get an email address for him.  If you talk to him and he has email, please ask him to come to the website and join up.  He can then see all the information about the upcoming reunion. 

We will be sending out packets via snail mail to those classmates who have postal addresses that we could find, but no emails.  It would be great to see as many of the class as possible this time as it will probably be our last more structured reunion. Most of us on the committee have been doing this for many years and feel the time has come to really retire! 

We are hoping this website will take off and we can join up with several other 60s classes and hold an annual picnic at one of the Orange County parks like Santa Ana High does out at Irvine Park.

We haven't seen you in awhile either, Dennis.  Will this be the year??

Thanks for writing,

Chris Narum Cheney smiley

05/11/12 05:29 PM #5    

Earl E. Schmidt

I can't thank the reunion committee enough for the fantastic work they've done. The only words that come to mind are AWESOME, MAGNIFICENT and much, much appreciated. Your selfless hard work, while seemingly unappreciated by those of us who only show up, has kept this Valley family together. I hope all you take some comfort in knowing that you've made those years at Valley so much more important and worth treasuring.

No matter what comes of this august group I hope that we continue to meet in some way that allows us to remain friends forever, staying in touch and sharing our lives.

To all on the have my undying graditute. May good fortune surround you, may happiness be your constant companion and may love always fill your hearts.

Kindest regards,

Earl Schmidt  

08/29/12 09:11 AM #6    


Lynda Goff (Maloney)


The committee members appreciate your kind words of encouragement.  Please, check out the Classmate Forums above regarding future yearly picnics.

See you in September,


09/30/12 03:44 PM #7    


Joan C. Ross (Gair)

Kudos and heartfelt thanks to each member of the S.A.Valley Reunion Planning Committee for the wonderful 50th Reunion we enjoyed on Friday, Sept. 28th. The event was truly special and magical, and I am so happy I decided to attend. Again, thanks to each one of you for your selfless hard work in putting this together for the class of 1962. I hope you know how much we all appreciate your dedicated efforts.....a job well done!

Blessings and love,

Joan Ross Gair

10/01/12 02:40 AM #8    


Chris Narum (Cheney (Administrator Account))

Joan, thanks for the nice note on behalf of the Reunion Committee.  It was great seeing everyone and especially nice to see the faculty members that were able to attend.  I'm glad you decided to come, too!  As our birthdays increase, it seems better to get together more often, hence the new annual Picnic Plan.  Hope to see you there, too!


08/08/16 01:38 PM #9    


Lynda Goff (Maloney)

From Gary Hicks,
To all my friends, family, school mates and former employees and customers. I want to thank all of you for being so loyal and caring to me over the years. Patty and I have talked about all of you so often and have especially appreciated the support you have shown me. My life has truly been enriched by knowning all of you. When I leave this world shortly I can say that my bucket list is complete. God Bless.

Written by Patty for Gary

08/08/16 01:58 PM #10    


Lynda Goff (Maloney)

To all 1962 class......

Reposted what Patty (Cole) Hicks posted on Facebook for Gary, who is in hospice.....if you have either of them on your Facebook friends, you can send him a message there.


08/25/16 09:10 AM #11    


Lynda Goff (Maloney)

Your friend, my friend, everybody's friend in high school, Robert C. Sundstrom "Robbie" passed away on June 28, 2016 from complications from cancer. He was cremated according to his wishes and he is now in the land and streams that he loved in Wyoming and Montana. Most of you that knew him well in the last 30+ years know that he was a very accomplished fly fisherman and spent a good amount of time doing just that.

If you were one of Robbie's good friends in HS, we are having celebration, of his life on September 7 in Santa Ana, CA; contact me if you wish to attend.

Would also love to get a copy of any pictures you might have of Robbie that we can share that day. A digital copy would be great. Send to dennisleesunstrom@gmailcom - class of '62.

08/25/16 10:25 AM #12    

Jean Louise Powell (Wright)


Hello, Lynda,

I did not know Robbie, but I am so sorry for the loss to his family and friends. We are now entering the 4th. part of our lives and I mourn the losses we have had and the losses to come. Thank you Lynda for posting these messages so we all can pray for our community of our high school friends. I will not be attending, but wish every one the best possible for the rest of our years here on earth. There is more for us to come! 

Jeannie Powell Wright.






08/25/16 11:07 AM #13    


Lynda Goff (Maloney)


This was from Robbie's brother, Dennis Sundstrom Class of '62...I just  posted it for him....his email address is at the bottom of his message. Robbie was younger and graduated after our class.


04/14/17 06:48 PM #14    

Charles J. Shaw

Coach baldwin memorial service will be Sunday April 30 at 2pm.. at the Santa Ana bowl.

04/15/17 07:38 AM #15    


Dorothy H. Dobson

Thanks Charlie. I plan to be there.

04/15/17 03:24 PM #16    


Denny J. Walthers

I had coach Baldwin for Drivers Ed. I believe it was 1960 or maybe 1962. He was an excellent teacher, had a real heart for all of us in high school and was dedicated to teaching. Coach Haley was our actual driving instructor and since we had the class first period we would get there quite early. He would let us drive down to Newport and get donuts. Another one of our excellent teacher that we lost.


Denny Walthers

McPherson, Kansas

04/16/17 07:12 PM #17    


James C. Wulfkuhle

RIP Coach Baldwin. We will keep your family and friends in our prayers for your loss. I always thought of Coach Baldwin as our most caring and energetic faculty member. He was always there for us.

02/14/18 08:44 AM #18    

Daniel E. Griset

Happy Valentine's one and all!

The District is taking a new interest in bringing alumi back to their high schools!  A start in this an invitation to join in an Alumni Mixer that will happen on February 22 at the Orange County Heritage Museum...just a few blocks from the campus. 

I'll be there....I hope you can stop by for a chat.  There are many good things happening at our alma mater and we can help this continue with our involvement as interested alumni!  It's a good time to give back!!!



02/15/18 12:15 AM #19    


Jim Robison

The other day something reminded me of the effort to write the first school constitution. This was probably in the ’61 – ’62 school year. I think it was in an English literature class that we discussed and debated it. When it was time for the student body to vote, the new constitution was roundly defeated.

I can continue the story, but first I am curious if anyone else remembers the great constitutional debate of 1962. Were you in that class?

02/15/18 09:56 AM #20    


Denny J. Walthers

Yes, I graduated in 62. I remember the constitution thing but cannot remember a lot about it since I was not directly involved. I would be interested in the history as well.


02/16/18 08:42 AM #21    


Robert T. Bunyan

Deveda was an exceptional lady who brightened any room she entered.  Like many of my classmates, I was blessed to have known her as a friend.  We will miss her.  

02/17/18 09:17 AM #22    

Mike Conklin

Yes, Deveda was a “class act,” a bright shining light, energizing any space she shared willing with others.  I grew up a few blocks north of her and was in a children’s choir her mother led.  Like her mother, she gave herself for others.  May we all remember these qualities as we struggle with our daily challenges 😇.

02/17/18 09:30 AM #23    

Mike Conklin

Jim Robinson, I was on student council that year & worked on that constitution but don’t recall the results of our 2d semester efforts to revise it, something Paul Cowan or Monica Saager or others, certainly Daniel Griset, might remember.  Your name does recall you as “Big Daddy” (?) and “The Folde” (incl your brother & Skip Davis) of your creation & a trip to an evening coffee house folksinger near Balboa Pier as we emulated beatniks, a calling my life sort of took off from after a brief encounter with Youth for Christ.😳  

02/19/18 08:45 AM #24    


Jim Robison

Hi Mike,

Thank you for reminding me of “The Folde,” coffee houses, and beatnik emulants (Is that a word? My spellchecker says not). I don’t recite weird poetry anymore, but I do have “The Coffee House” station preset on my Sirius XM.

The great constitutional debate, as I recall, went something like this: In the US constitution, government derives it’s power from the people. A student body constitution should, therefore, derive power from the students. But, in fact, the students had very little power to share, because in high school all power was held by the administration. The argument against the proposed constitution was that it did not acknowledge the power relationship between the student body and the administration. It was like King George retaining power over the colonies, despite our new constitution.

Coincidentally, at the same time we were debating the pros and cons of the constitution, the administration announced some ruling about how low the back neckline could be on girls blouses. Shouldn’t dress code be a student body (no pun intended) decision? So, as I recall, it was the dress code proclamation that killed the constitution.

I’m sure there is much more to this story. Can anyone else help us out here?  


06/17/20 02:08 PM #25    

Octavio Manuel Flores

Hi everyone.................I want  to thank Rachel Vasquez and Lillian Caranza and Charlie Shaw for remembering my birthday. I am a happy camper for you, my friends to remember, again THANK YOU. I am very well health wise and living in No. Calif. I have no complaints no grudges or gripes about any thing just enjoying life and i know we are close to the finish line, well maybe not that close. OK.........So let me get this straight, there is no cure for a virus that can be killed by 

sanitizer  and hand soap. Just a thought. I hope all of you are doing well and in good health. ... YOUR FRIEND ....Octavio Flores

03/05/21 03:49 AM #26    

Phyillis Bogaty (Tucker)

CHRIS,Thanks for staying in such good touch! Nothing much really changes here
Please stay well, what's going on and have a Blessed Day! PHYLLIS

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