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•   John Wilson  9/7
•   Theresa Cook (Bennett)  9/5
•   Kristi Merrill (Anderton)  9/3
•   George Brediger  9/3
•   Sally McWilliams (Johnson)  9/2
•   Thomas Curtis (Curtis)  9/2
•   Don Bowman  8/24
•   Stephen Larsen  8/24
•   Randy Hughes (Hughes)  8/24
•   Barbara Bowman (Bock)  8/18
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•   Lorraine Johnson (Nordahl)  9/26
•   Bob French  9/29
•   Don Bowman  10/16
•   Rocky Fridell  10/16
•   Donald Samuelson  10/16

Welcome to the new 

Ingraham High School 

Class of 1971 


We have purchased this new domain name:


What you'll see:

  • Classmate profiles are created when you add your contact information. You have choices about how much information to include and privacy. *Please* include your email address and mailing address. We use that to contact you about Reunions and Class Parties. It reduces class costs to be able to email you through this site.
  • Your data is not shared with anyone.
  • The site considers classmates "missing" until a profile is created/contact information is entered. The classmates that we really can't find are listed on the "We're Out of Touch" tab to the left. We have been trying to locate many of these classmates since the 30 year reunion or earlier. 
  • Please read the "First Time Visitors" information.
  • Deceased classmate information has been added, by year. If you have information about additional deceased classmates, please contact us.

What's New?

1) 9-12-2021

One thing we have become good at over the past two years is the pivot. Get ready to pivot again. We have stayed closely tuned to all of the factors that might impact our September 19th event and have determined that, due to the current covid* situation and crowd size, we need to move our Class Party to Saturday, September 18th to provide better social distancing. The time, 2-6PM, and place, Shelter Lounge - Ballard, remain the same. 


If that date is problematic for you, we offer our apologies. 

You can purchase tickets for the September 18th Class Party on the website.

Questions, comments, etc, please contact Anne at or text her at 206-849-2777. 


Thank you for your Ram flexibility!

Your Reunion Team


*Per Governor Inslee: 

Masks are currently required statewide at all times unless you are: 

  • At your own residence.
  • In your own personal vehicle.
  • Under five (5) years of age.
  • Eating or drinking.
  • Engaged in an activity that makes wearing a mask, face covering or face shield not feasible, such as when taking a shower.


While there is good ventilation provided by the exterior windows, there is not a dedicated outdoor area at the Shelter Lounge. If you are concerned about covid, social distancing, mask enforcement, etc, this may not be the right event for you. We will have dedicated outdoor space at our 50th Reunion venue at McMenamin's in Bothell in June 2022. 


2) 9-12-2021

Our new 50th Reunion date is 

June 10, 2022 at McMenamins Anderson School in Bothell  

3) 9-12-2021

Your Reunion Core Team,

Steve Day, Chair

Brenda Brown

Sue Bushnell Lidston

Dan Hanson

Anne Hoffman Proffitt


Contact us:


4) 9-12-2021

The "Lost List" has been updated as of 8-29-2021. Please look at the list under "We're Out of Touch" - link is located on the left navigation pane. 

5) 9-12-2021

We're looking for volunteers for the following committees: 

A) Finding lost classmates - Anne 206-849-2777 or 

B) Reunion set up and take down with Captain Dan Hanson  -

C) Donations - Reunion Chair Steve Day at 206-498-0673 or

D) Reunion Decorations - Anne 206-849-2777 or

6) 9-12-2021

We have a new, private Facebook Ingraham 1971 page. Go to the Facebook page and request to be added; I will approve the request., or text me at 206-849-2777




There was a Class Party 2019 on Saturday, October 12, 2019 at Shelter Lounge, Ballard. Photos on the left navigation pane.



You can donate all year long! We'll use the donations for the 50th! Please use the link on the left navigation pane.