Interesting Facts 1972

Historical Events, Fun and Interesting Facts of 1972


Japanese solder is discovered in Guam: he had spent 28 years in the jungle.

Bloody Sunday: The British Army kills 14 unarmed nationalist civil rights marchers in Derry, Northern Ireland

The 1972 Winter Olympics are held in Sapporo, Japan

Mariner 9 sends pictures as it orbits Mars

U.S. airlines begins mandatory inspection of passengers and baggage

Bob Douglas becomes the first African American elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame

Volkswagen Beetle sales exceed those of the Ford Model T when the 15,007,034th Beetle is produced

U.S. President Richard M Nixon makes an unprecedented 8 day visit to the People’s Republic of China and meets with Mao Zehong

North Vietnamese negotiators walk out of the Paris Peace Talks to protest U.S. air raids

The Pioneer 10 spacecraft is launched from Cape Kennedy, to be the first man-made satellite to leave the solar system

Sculpted figures of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson are completed at Stone Mountain in the U.S. state of Georgia

The 92nd U.S. Congress votes to send the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the states for ratification

The Godfather is released in cinemas in the United States

The U.S. and the Soviet Union join some 70 nations in signing the Biological Weapons Convention, an agreement to ban biological warfare

Apollo 16 is launched, during the mission; the astronauts achieve a lunar rover speed record of 18 km/h.  (John Young, Ken Mattingly and Charlie Duke)

The first Boston Marathon in which women are officially allowed to compete

Sylvia Cook and John Fairfax finish rowing across the Pacific

Watergate break-in

The U.S. sells grain to the Soviet Union for $750 million

The Democratic National Convention meets in Miami Beach.  Senator George McGovern, who backs the immediate and complete withdrawal of U.S. troops from South Vietnam, is nominated for President.  He names fellow Senator Thomas Eagleton as his running mate

Governor George C. Wallace of Alabama is shot by Arthur Herman Bremer at a Laurel, Maryland political rally

Watergate scandal:  Five White House operatives are arrested for burglarizing the offices of the Democratic National Committee

The 1972 Summer Olympics are held in Munich, West Germany

The first episode of The Price is Right is aired on CBS by Bob Barker, Gambit and The Joker’s Wild also premiere

Munich Massacre:  Eleven Israeli athletes at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich are murdered after 8 members of the Arab terrorist group Black September.

Bobby Fischer defeats Boris Spassky in a chess match in Riykjavik, Iceland, becoming the first American World Chess Champion

The first female FBI agents are hired

Following a visit to South Vietnam, U.S. National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger suggests that “peace is at hand.”

U.S. presidential election, 1972: Republican incumbent Richard Nixon defeats Democratic Senator George McGovern in a landslide (the election had the lowest voter turnout since 1948, with only 55 percent of the electorate voting)

Apollo 17 (Gene Cernan, Ronald Evans and Harrison Schmitt), the last manned Moon mission to date, is launched

Former United States President Harry S. Truman dies in Kansas City, Missouri

Roberto Clemente dies in a plane crash off the coast of Puerto Rico while en route to deliver aid to Nicaraguan earthquake victims

World Series Champions:  Oakland Athletics

Super Bowl VI Champions:  Dallas Cowboys

NBA Champions:  Los Angeles Lakers

Stanley Cup Champions:  Boston Bruins

U.S. Open Golf Champion:  Jack Nicklaus

U.S. Open Tennis Champions:  Ilie Nastase/ Billie Jean King

Wimbledon Tennis Champions:  Stan Smith/ Billie Jean King

NCAA Football Champions:  USC

NCAA Basketball Champions:  UCLA

Kentucky Derby:  Riva Ridge

Sandy Koufax was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, the youngest player ever elected, at the age of 36.

The Hotties and Fashion Icons:  Raquel Welch, Pam Grier

“The Quote”…..  “Hey Mikey! He likes it!” -  Life cereal ad           “The mind is a terrible thing to waste”  - United Negro College Fund   “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse” – Marlon Brando, in the Godfather   “Nothing runs like a Deere” – John Deere   Nobody does it like Sara Lee” – Sara Lee

Time Magazine’s Men of the Year:  Richard Nixon & Henry Kissinger

Miss America:  Laura Lea Schaefer (Ohio)

Miss USA: Tanya Wilson (Hawaii)

Best Film Oscar Winner:  The Godfather

1972 Most Popular TV Shows:  All in the Family, Sanford and Son, Hawaii Five-0, Maude, Bridget Loves Bernie, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Gunsmoke, The Wonderful World of Disney, Ironside and Adam 12

  NBA’s Cincinnati Royals announce they are moving to Kansas City

  Adolph Rupp retires after 42 years of coaching University of Kentucky

  M*A*S*H* , premieres on NBC-TV

  “Waltons” , premieres on CBS

  Hank Aaron becomes 1st baseball player to sign for $200,000 a year

  NCAA announces freshman can play on teams starting in fall ‘72

  NASA announces development of the space shuttle

  Godfrey Hounsfield develops the CAT scan

  1st flight of the Goodyear blimp

  Venera 8 launched to Venus


  Tution to Harvard -  $2,800.00

  Gallon of Gas -  36 cents

  1st class postage stamp – 8 cents

  Pay phone – local call  10 cents

  Color TV Set - $250.00

  Daily Newspaper – 25 cents

  New Home -  $30,500.00

  Average Monthly Rent - $165.00

  New Car -   $3,879.00

  Minimum Hourly wage - $1.60

  Average Annual Salary -  $12,625.00

  Loaf of Bread -  25 cents

  Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average – 1020

  Yearly Inflation Rate USA 3.27%

  Wrangler Jeans  -  $12.00

   Dozen Eggs -  45 cents

  Gallon of milk -  $1.33


 Pong (Computer Television Game)

  Séance (the game)

  Evil Knevel figures

  Action Jackson figures

  Afro Haircuts

  Hot Pants

1972 Billboard Number One Songs:  

December 25, 1971 - January 14, 1972: Brand New Key - Melanie

January 15 - February 11:   American Pie - Don McLean

February 12 - February 18:  Let's Stay Together - Al Green

February 19 - March 17:  Without You – Nilsson

March 18 - March 24:  Heart of Gold - Neil Young

March 25 -  April 14:   A Horse with No Name - America

The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face - Roberta Flack

Oh Girl - Chi-Lites

I'll Take You There - The Staple Singers

The Candy Man - Sammy Davis, Jr.

Song Sung Blue - Neil Diamond

Lean on Me - Bill Withers

Alone Again (Naturally) - Gilbert O' Sullivan

Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) - Looking Glass

Alone Again (Naturally) - Gilbert O'Sullivan

Black and White - Three Dog Night

Baby, Don't Get Hooked On Me - Mac Davis

Ben - Michael Jackson

My Ding-A-Ling - Chuck Berry

I Can See Clearly Now - Johnny Nash

Papa Was a Rollin' Stone - The Temptations

I Am Woman - Helen Reddy

Me and Mrs. Jones - Billy Paul