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1.     Why should I create a profile?

·         Create a profile so long lost classmates can contact you.

·         So we can keep you up to date on Reunion information.

·         (We do not share email addresses so if you want to communicate directly with someone, contact them through this site and share your information.)

2.     How do I create a profile?

·         On the HOME page, under the LOGON button, there is a hyperlink labeled "Classmates Profiles".  Click on this hyperlink.

·         Find your name and click on it.

·         Click on the JOIN Hyperlink

3.     What do I do if my name is not the list of missing classmates?

·         If your name is not listed, there is a hyperlink at the bottom of the page labeled "contact us" and send me an email.  I will add you to the profile list and send you an email to create your profile.

4.     What should I do if I know where some classmates are?

·         If you know where any of our long last class mates are, please point them to this website so that they can create a profile or send me an email with their information and we will contact them.

5.     What happened to the Shared Photos page?

·         Shared Photos have been moved to the Photo Gallery.  Check it out!

6.       How do I upload pictures to the Photo Gallery page?

·        If a gallery already exist for the category of picture (example: Pinecrest), click on that gallery and there will be an option to add photos.  If this is a new category, click on one of the new gallaries and add your photos there.

·         ·         Enter any comments about the picture that you want.

·         Click on the SAVE button

7.     What is LIVE CHAT?

·         This is a utility that allows logged on users to converse with each other (similar to Instant Messaging)

·         This only works for logged on users.

8.     How do I use LIVE CHAT?

·         Log on to the website.

·         Click on the LIVE CHAT page

·         Select any of the members showing as Active

·         Click on SUBMIT