In Memory

Andy Wilch

So many people packed into the Oregon City hospice house to spend Andrew Thomas Wilch’s final days with him that the place looked more like a fraternity house than a hospice. Andy’s spirit was lifted by the outpouring of love he received in the weeks before March 17, 2023, when his 60-year-old body finally succumbed to corticobasal degeneration syndrome and early-onset Alzheimer’s.


Andy’s proudest achievements were being the cherished father of daughters Hannah and Eva, and making the world a better place by building affordable housing. During his 30-plus year career providing housing for those in need, he earned the respect of all he worked with.


Throughout his life, Andy moved through the world with confidence, and not only because his 6’7” frame forced people to literally look up to him. He was kind, funny, genuine, loving, and wise. He gave great hugs, was an outstanding judge of character, had a soft spot for the underdog, was never petty, and always took the high road. He was not materialistic in the least, prizing relationships above everything else. He showed up for people, both physically (e.g., weddings and funerals) and emotionally. He valued meaningful (even challenging) discussions, eschewed small talk, and was a great listener.