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David Pudelwitts (St. Albans)

From a Facebook post by Patricia Rogers on May 18, 2020:
Sorry to be the bearer of more sad news for my - Albuquerque Science Fiction Society friends:
Former member and dear friend David Pudelwitts St. Albans passed last night per a Facebook post today (5/18/20) by his lovely wife Rosanne Allen-Hewlett (also a former club member). I think David and Rosanne met at an ASFS meeting or at Bubonicon.
David was posting yesterday evening and even sent condolences about Kevin Zander last week, so he was still doing what he loved yesterday.
David and Rosanne moved from New Mexico years ago, first to Las Vegas, NV then to Scottsdale, AZ.
He always continued his many wonderful art and writing projects. Along with being active in a plethora of interests and study projects. His interests were wide and fascinating, from vampires and history, to Cryptozoology. Amazing costuming and acting were also among his many talents. 
David was always a good and caring friend to me and many others. We have been friends since the 1983 and shared so many interests. We never lacked for things to chat about.
Dave - I hope you know about the mysterious missing Thunderbird photo now.  Let us know.

I will really miss you!


I found a couple of books that David wrote under the name of David St. Albans.

Here are the Amazon links to them:



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