SURVEY: Class Directory

At our 50-Year Reunion, many classmates said they would like to have a current class list directory. Due to privacy concerns, some may not want to participate...
For those of you that want to be on our shared class directory please fill out the information you would like as part of the directory below. It will be made available only to those who want to participate.
When it is ready I will put it in my Dropbox for security, send you a link, and you can choose to download it as a pdf document, as a spreadsheet, or as a Pages or Word document. 


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1)   Enter only the contact information you want to share with other participants on our shared class directory. (See options hint below)

Such as:
1) Postal mailing address
2) Cell phone number
3) Email address
4) Social media account name(s)
2)   If you participate and submit your contact information for the shared directory DO YOU AGREE to keep the list private for your personal use only and not for business purposes?

Yes No
3)   Our private class website ( has reached its maximum storage space for the free account we've had since 2008. I have not paid to expand the file storage. That is why I have not been able to upload any reunion photos from our 50-Year Reunion. Would you be willing to donate funds so we could expand our file storage or would you rather we leave it as is?

4)   We've had requests for a 55-Year Class Reunion in 2027. Would you be interested in attending?

Yes No
(1) Tim & Sue Halpin offered to have it at their home in So. Pas.
(2) Many classmates suggested a 3-day Mexican cruise.
Leave your comments in the last comment box.
5)   Any other comments or questions