Becoming a Member

Membership in the association is open to any individual who attended ST. Elizabeth Technical High school for any given period. This could be 3 months or more. All teachers are welcome as well. Currently, we have over 4,000 paid and non-paying members on the roster dispersed throughout Jamaica, the USA, Canada, UK and other parts of the world. Paid Members contributes yearly membership dues of US$35.00. In addition, contributions are requested for various fundraising efforts let by our organization. We are currently offering a membership sale at $10 for your first year. < Read More>

Membership Dues
Your membership dues are used to award scholarships to students attending STETHS. We have given awards to deserving students since 2007. Membership dues are also used to offset expenses incurred in the everyday running of the organization. These expenses are also subsidized with personal contributions from all the Steths Alumni Executive Committee members. We welcome contributions in the form of cash or in-kind donations - supplies, etc. < Read More >

Sponsor a Child Program 
The Steths Alumni corporation pledged to fund a Sponsor a Child Program at the school (US$1,000.00 annually). The contributions are sent directly to the school to help impoverished deserving students with covering the cost for lunch, transportation, uniform books, and exam fees. < Read More >

We hope that this explanation of the items on the payment form will encourage you to do your part. Remember “Facta non Verba” - Deeds not Words.

Please select the link below to download our Membership form. You can pay online or just print and mail in the form with your payment. Thanks! 


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