50th Saturday Banquet

This Photo Album was taken by Classmate Kurt Schleicher on

Saturday, August 2, 2008 at the

Minneapolis Golf and Country Club Dinner/Banquet and Program

as part of our 50th Class Reunion Final Event activity.

See how many of the faces of your classmates you can name.

The photos will fade in every 15 seconds; but in the beginning, just wait until they all load up.  There are 109 photos in this album, so loading will take a minute.

If you want music to play while you watch, go the the bottom of this page and click on the ( > ) button on the music scroll.  To stop the music, click on the white box on the scroll.  You can start and stop the music at will, or change tunes by clicking on the (>|) button on the music scroll. 

Enjoy the Show -- and the look back to our "Big 50th"