60th Reunion ???



I'm not sure I can make it to age 78.  But I know that old SLP Logo keeps tugging at me to come back for just another reunion.

Maybe I should reconsider.  But we aren't getting any younger, are we?


Nope; it's getting embarrassing being at the beach.  And I nap every time I try and read the newspaper.  I might miss the 60th reunion simply by sleeping through it.

What about you, hon? How do you feel about meeting all those folks we graduated with again?

These Reunions do take me back, but...



Boy, I remember getting ready for our 50th reunion almost got me killed.  Remember, honey, when we were on vacation and I couldn't help looking...



I'd better check myself over to see if I dare present myself at the next reunion.

Well, maybe my eyesight isn't so good either.  I failed the eye-chart test at my last opthamology check-up.  The guy said it was a new chart for old men.  But I couldn't even read the bottom few lines, which he said was critical at my age.


Yet, when I talked with my high school sweetie at the last reunion, we made some plans...maybe she'll be back for the 60th.  I would not want to miss seeing her again.  You never know!

But when I break my life down into how I really use my time, I just haven't got anything left for either me or my old girl friend.  If she visits me on facebook or myspace, where am I going to find the time to reply?  Just look at the way I spend my time now.


Plus, my health seems like it's been failing lately, and...well...just look at the progression over my lifetime of the drinks I spend my time consuming. 





All in all, the 60th doesn't seem to be that thrilling for me to make a plan.  Remember what your sister said to you just last week?


On the other hand, you only live once.  And, by God, if I can't get the juices flowing, I might as well be dead!  I remember what happened at my uncle's farm when he let things go too long.  I don't want that to happen to me.



If that gal I used to admire in high school would just call me, maybe I could get re-excited all over again.


Hey!! Thanks for calling!  Thanks for telling me you really want to see me.  I bet you're as beautiful as ever.





I am not going to miss my 60th Class Reunion in 2018.  Oh, to be an ORIOLE just one more time!