For MN's Superbowl Guests

Dear Superbowl Guests,

Thank you for coming to Minnesota to the February 4, 2018 Football Spectacular Event at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.  We hope you will participate in all the pre-game events that we have planned for you, and that you enjoy your stay, your lodging, our food and drink and the many activities that have been prepared to introduce you to the joy of living in Minnesota -- particularly in the winter.

For your information and your edification, the follow admonitions are provided:

  1. MINNESOTA - Glove it or leave it.
  2. MINNESOTA - Where Jack Frost must like it, because here is where he spends half his life.
  3. MINNESOTA - Land of many cultures...mostly throat.
  4. MINNESOTA - Where there are many things you can grow....colder, older and fatter.
  5. MINNESOTA - The mosquito supplier to the Free World (mostly in the summer, however).
  6. MINNESOTA - Survive it, and the rest is easy.
  7. MINNESOTA - Land of two seasons...(1) Winter is coming; and (2) Winter is here.
  8. MINNESOTA - If you drove to the Superbowl, and are now just entering Minnesota, please use an alternative route.  We still have roads under construction; and we have two things happening during our two seasons: Winter and Road Repair.