Forgot Your Password?

Are you a 1958 St. Louis Park High Classmate who has forgotten your password?

On your Details Page of your Profile your old password is either blank or looks like a bunch of dots.  Thus I cannot tell you what your password is.

But here are two things I can do to help you log back in:

     1.  You should start by going to the Home Page link  and click on "Forgot Password" in the gray Log In box in the upper right corner.  This will allow you to reset the lost password without any assistance from me as your website administrator.  This is what I prefer that you do.

     2.  However, if for some reason you are unable to do #1 (for example, maybe you no longer have access to the original email address) then I can log into your Personal Classmate Account details and change your password to something else.  Your password is not shown to me for security purposes; but I can still change it to whatever you want.  Once the password has been changed, you must log in using the new password that I can send you by email.  Once you have logged in, I would suggest that you to then change your password again to something that you prefer and will likely remember.

        If you wish me to engage in method #2, please email me at and ask me to change your password and then inform you what the new one is that I have temporarily chosen for you.