Roger's Holiday Gifts To You

Here's a bit of music at Christmas time that represent my gift to you.  No, it's not my song, nor my singing; but I thought you'd enjoy it anyway during our pandemic that we just happen to be living through.

Part I

Here's musician Tom Prin's Video of his song BEST WISHES from me to you to help you wait for the vaccine.  This song may be found on YouTube at:  Just click at the center of the picture below and listen.


Open the following in a New Tab and the Sheet Music for BEST WISHES Words & Music by Tom Prin will appear.  Then you can follow along and enjoy singing Tom's pandemic-inspired Christmas song.

Best Wishes 4 (2).pdf


Part II

At your Christmas Party, you could always fire a rocket and see what happens.  As a Physics Teacher I always fired a rocket at mine.  This is what could happen.  Enjoy this video.


Part III

Sit back, relax and take a stroll down memory lane with us, back to the 1950s. See if you have any fond memories of these 

50’s Memories

You may have to click a couple of times until the correct video appears.  You'll recognize it!


Part IV

For those of you who still drink beer, you are going to love this old TV commercial.

Click on this video link: