The Jim Adams Trivia Quiz

This trivia quiz was sent in by classmate Jim Adams.  It is designed specifically for the 1958 Class of St. Louis Park High School.  There are 25 questions on this quiz.  Some of the questions require answers which are matters of fact.  Other answers are probably a matter of opinion.  In any event, Jim hopes you enjoy his questions and his answers, which are shown following the questions.

Simply grab a piece of paper and jot down your answer after reading each question.  When you are finished answering all 25 questions, then look at Jim's answers and compare them with your own.  (No cheating by looking ahead at Jim's answers.)  Any disagreements with respect to any answer should be taken up directly with Jim Adams.  [You may access Jim's profile page and send him your concerns.]

The website administrators will not intervene in such disagreements.  Enjoy the Jim Adams Trivia Quiz!


Here are the 25 questions:


  1.  Name the elementary schools in the St. Louis Park school system in 1958?
  2.  Where was the location of Rodberg’s drive-in?
  3.  Where was skippy field?
  4.  Where was Westwood Hills Golf Course?
  5.  Locate Beek’s Pizza?
  6.  Do you know where Bunny’s was located?
  7.  What was the intersection where the Park Tavern was located?
  8.  Where was the Oak Hill Drive-In?
  9.  Where was Kay Chrysler Plymouth?
  10.  Where was Bernie’s Deli?
  11.  On what street was the Pastime Roller Rink?
  12.  Do you know where Skunk Hollow is?
  13.  Locate the King’s Inn? On what highway was it located?
  14.  Locate the Jiffy Car Wash?
  15.  Name the streets these churches where on: Union Congregational Church;  Holy Family Church; Altarsgate Church.
  16.  Where was Culbertson’s? Name the highway intersection.
  17.  Identify the intersection where Texa-Tonka Shopping Center is located.
  18.  Name the best swimming beach.
  19.  Name the best location to make out? (If you ever had a chance!)
  20.  Name the indoor Hockey Area where our SLP team played?
  21.  Name the school that was the most hated rival in sports.
  22.  What group played the best slow dance music in 1958?
  23.  Name the best singing group in 1958.
  24.  Who was the best female singer in 1958? Best male singer in 1958?
  25.  Who was the most popular teacher at SLP High in 1958?





Here are Jim Adam's Answers to the 25 questions:

 In Jim Adams words...



Have fun.

  1. Brookside, Eliot, Fern Hill, Oak hill, Lenox, Cedar Manor, Park Hill
  2. Hwy 100 and Wooddale
  3. Hwy 7 and Raleigh
  4. Texas Ave. and  Cedar Lake Road
  5. Dakota Ave. and Minnetonka Blvd
  6. Excelsior Blvd and 4700
  7. Louisiana and Minnetonka Blvd
  8. Hwy 7 and Quebec
  9. Lake Street and Raleigh
  10. Lake Street and Joppa
  11. Lake Street and Zarthan
  12. North of Methodist Hospital along Minnehaha Creek
  13. Hwy 100 and Wooddale
  14. Excelsior Blvd and 36th Street
  15. Alabama, Lake Street, and Wooddale
  16. Excelsior Blvd and Alabama
  17. Minnetonka Blvd and Texas
  18. Cedar lake main or Cedar lake point
  19. Any dark street, never in front of the girls house, Favorite, by the grain elevators off Hwy 7
  20. Aldrich arena
  21. Hopkins or Edina; both are right
  22. In the Still of the Night or Blue Moon; both are right
  23. The Crew Cuts
  24. Debbie Reynolds and the King Elvis
  25. Roger De Clerc