Video Juke Box

Here is an ultimate VIDEO JUKE BOX of both the songs from our teen years along with video clips from YouTube of our favorite artists performing those songs. 

If you like the music from our days at Park High, you will like this Video Juke Box and enjoy watching the performing artists.

We have permission from the webmaster, Paul Chester, of the Class of 1959 of Bladensburg High School in Maryland, who wrote the computer code for this site (no small task, indeed) to allow you to enjoy his fine work.  Be sure to locate the "full screen" icon at the bottom-right of the video to display your favorite artists performing the songs you enjoy! 

[If you find that you are getting no sound when you start a video clip, check that the "volume slide button" near the bottom-left of the video is moved all the way to the right.]

[And at the end of each "full-screen" video clip, you can return to the Juke Box by clicking your keyboard's Esc (escape key).]

Click on the following URL to go to VIDEO JUKE BOX.