Missing Classmates

Since our 50th Class Reunion, here is the "official list" (in blue) of classmates we have not been able to find.  Some, we believe, have simply moved and we have been unable to find a new address.  Others have such a common name that our rather exhaustive data base searches have not found definitive information.  Still others, we fear, may be deceased. If you know where any one of these 22 classmates may be, please use the "Contact Us" link on the home page of this website and leave us a message with their contact information.  We sincerely apologize to any classmate on the list below who has tried to contact us, yet we have somehow managed not to properly record their vital information.

                               Thank you!

David O. Anderson (now deceased)         Einar (Cy) E. Johnson     Shirley Richardson

Patricia Franklin  (in MN)                        Stephen Y. Johnson        Vicky Sasse (in Fargo)

Susan Jane Gauff (Burr)                         Michael T. Jones             Mary Seveland

Virginia Greene                                      Judith Middleton             Dorothy Smith (in MN)

Lawrence Hole                                       James S. Moore              Elfi I. Von Mende

Harriet Holland                                      Stewart Moss                  Harry B. Wickham

Delores Jenner (Shuck)                          Carol Phillips                   James P. Wilson

Dennis R. Johnson


The following list (below) is no longer valid as of January 1, 2011. 

Patricia Franklin
Susan Jane Gauff (Burr)
Virginia Greene
Lawrence Hole
Harriet Holland
Delores Jenner (Shuck)
Dennis R. Johnson
Einar (Cy) E. Johnson
Sheldon William Johnson
Stephen Y. Johnson
Michael T. Jones
Judith Middleton
James S. Moore
Stewart Moss
Carol Phillips
Shirley Richardson
Vicky Sasse
Mary Seveland
Dorothy Smith
Elfi I. Von Mende (Rice)
James P. Wilson