This Website's 50s Music

"This Website's 50s Music" may be listened to at your computer by accessing this page.  You may enjoy listening to these 35 songs that we grew up with in the 1950s.  Many, but not all, of these songs are used elsewhere at this website to accompany our photo albums and to create listening enhancements at other pages you may link to from time to time. 

Our webmaster is humbly, eternally and  joyously grateful that classmate Glenn DePue has been willing to provide our class website with the 50s music that accompanies all of our photo albums and other pages.  You may recall that Glenn has spent his entire life in the music business, and continues to share his talents with others, even today. 

Thank you Glenn DePue! 

Glenn and I hope you find these tunes enjoyable enough that you come back to this page often and listen to the playlist here.  You can change the song playing by simply clicking on the tune of your choice.