50th Reunion Photo Sets

Many classmates took pictures at our 50th Class Reunion.  They have sent us these

pictures, and we have created on another website either the individual pictures which

you can look at individually, or a slideshow or music video using those pictures.  As we

get additional pictures from classmates, we will add them to the growing list below.  By

clicking on the Website shown with each picture set you will be wisked away to those

pictures and albums.

          1. Bob LaPerriere's Pictures of Friday Night at Tim Kiernan's Farm in Buffalo, MN.

              Once at the website below you can watch Bob's pictures as a music video, as a

              Slideshow, or see the individual pictures, and print out or save ones you like.  By

              clicking on "full screen" the video is better (just give it sufficient time to load). 

              The Slideshow has captions on each picture.  By moving about that website we

              hope you have a nostalgic experience!

              We apologize for the advertising that exists on this "photo-website".  Just ignore it.

              And please do not alter the Slideshow or Music Video.  If you have suggestions for

              changes please "Contact Us" and leave us a message.  Enjoy...