Lazorik's 2013 Newsletters

We will be posting Rod's Lazorik's Newsletters on this page.  Various members of our class make written contributions to these Newsletters, so they should be fun for you to read.  Some classmates contribute good humor.  Others are showing off their great prose or poetry.  Still others contribute much needed information -- like health precautions or promotions for better living.  We encourage you to take the time to read them all.  As you will see, over time they have become more sophisticated and interesting, as classmates have begun to send information to Rod for inclusion in the Newsletters.  You ought to consider making a personal contribution to one of Rod's Newsletters.  They are designed with you in mind!  We will keep the Newsletters on file on this website page throughout each calendar year; then they will be removed and stored, and replaced with Lazorik's new ones during the next year.

Each individual page of each Newsletter is listed below.  Some can be quite a large file, so be patient with the download; it may take a few seconds for the page you select to appear on your computer screen.  This selection method to read the Newsletters may be new for you.  You can either use Adobe or Foxit reader to open and read these articles.  So some patience will be needed as you use this new tool to enjoy our web site.  Enjoy the unique information!

If you wish to print any of these pages, click on the file you want in order to place it on your screen; then look for the "printer icon" near the left end of the tool bar for this website, which appears at the top of the page you select.

Here are PDF files of Rod Lazorik's 2013 Newsletters:

Volume 73, 6 pages, Posted June 11, 2013

June 11, 2013, /000/2/0/0/5002/userfiles/file/73-1(1).pdf

June 11, 2013, /000/2/0/0/5002/userfiles/file/73-2.pdf

June 11, 2013, /000/2/0/0/5002/userfiles/file/73-3.pdf

June 11, 2013, /000/2/0/0/5002/userfiles/file/73-4.pdf

June 11, 2013, /000/2/0/0/5002/userfiles/file/73-5.pdf

June 11, 2013, /000/2/0/0/5002/userfiles/file/73-6.pdf


Rod Lazorik has sent all of his periodic Newsletters to each of you at your personal home email address that he has on file for you.  If you have never received them you should send Rod a personal email right from his personal page on this website and ask that your email address be added to his email group.

If you have deleted those Newsletters and would like to read any of Rod's previous Newsletters either Rod or I can make those available to you.  Just email Rod or Roger and request any of the previous volumes, and we will send those to you.