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10/22/08 11:12 AM #1    

Pete Eckenberg

Thanks Rich.
This could turn out to be fun.

11/19/08 05:42 PM #2    

Donna Rose (Reyes)

WOW! This is outstanding! Appreciate this forum.
What a fantastic group of people. The class reunion was unbelievable, the best! Will always remember as a "high" experience in my life. Thanks to everyone who contributed!!! Donna Rose Reyes

11/19/08 09:34 PM #3    

Roger Wittman

Thanks to all for setting up the web site. It is very well done and we appreciate all the work that must have gone into it. THANK YOU

11/22/08 07:24 AM #4    

Pete Eckenberg

Since my confinement with the hip replacement this site has become a favorite.
Let's get more class mates signed on.

03/11/09 11:47 AM #5    


Kenneth Cherry

I just wanted to say thank you to all that made it possible to have this website-I've enjoyed the opportunity to visit with classmates. I like the fact I could update my profile as I just moved to Rio Rancho, NM. Keep up the good work-Ken Cherry

05/21/09 03:26 PM #6    

Outi Jarventaus (Oinas)

Hi you out there, Finland calling.
I got a notice that I haven't updated my profile for half a year. What would be the best way to update it?. This site is marvellous, but a bit complicated for one not being a very updated person.
They say there are eight seasons in Lapland. Now we are aproacing late spring. The ice of the lake melted a week ago. The grass os turning green, the swans just came: that is the nightless night will be herein a month.My home is located right at the Arctic Circle where our SUN sheds light at this time of the year night and day.
My dissertation was well approved and welcomed.The last few months have however been hectic in the taking care of my husband´s wellfare. He was opererated on the hip. It is made of some titan metal now which will last for at least 15 years. Nice promise while he himself just had his 80th birthday! This world of ours is letting us live longer and longer. We expect everything to be cured.
While I am a clumsy user of this wonderful site, I hope you forgive me for not being active. I do enjoy knowing you have each other! I just finished reading Barrack Obama's book "Dreams from my Father". It so much reminded me of you and the ideals we AFS -students had in our slogan:walk together. talk together all yoy people on the earth: then and only then you shall have peace.
Have a lovely summer!

07/06/09 02:52 PM #7    

Steven Sjordal

We didn't get to know one another during your AFS time at SLP but I am interested that your in contact with us through the web site. Its good to hear that your husband is receiving good care there. We can all expect to have some mechanical parts entering our bodies in the next two decades, I'm sure.
If you receive a copy of the Video from the reunion you'll see a portion of our 'act' with a musical quartet including myself, Bill Dean, Barb, O'Neil and Janet Aarness.
Hope you continue to do well.
With Warm Regards,
Steve Sjordal

09/03/12 08:35 PM #8    


Carol Ellefsen (Simon)

I was able go to Minneapolis last spring for a luncheon with classmates who meet several times a year.  It was great to see all and I really will plan to go again.  And, an extra bonus, Barb Brackett Solberg, following the luncheon, sent pictures of us and classmates at Lenox our old grade school, and our Camp Fire Girls group.  Oh the memories!

10/20/12 03:00 PM #9    


Elliott Husney

Would be interested in any of my classmates that served in the Armed Forces.   Hope to attend our 55th!

Thanks to who ever takes care of our Website.  It is the best ever!   Elliott

01/07/15 11:00 AM #10    


Bronna Bornstein (Steiman)

Hello classmates.  We will be moving from the Pittsburgh area to Alexandria, VA sometime later this  year.  Any class of 58 alums in the area?

01/07/15 01:33 PM #11    


Roger Johnson

For Bronna Bornstein -- Yes, there is one classmate, Ed Nelson, who lives in the Alexandria area.  You ought to contact Ed through this website and find out where he lives and what his recommendations may be for finding a new residence in the area.

01/21/15 11:17 AM #12    


Edward Nelson


Greetings from the great Commonwealth of Virginia, and welcome.  I live in Manassas, VA, about 45 minutes from Alexandria.  I’m currently the only ‘58 classmate in Virginia, However, Cynthia Damm (Alkire) lives in Rockville, Maryland, and is also about 45 minutes away, just around the DC beltway.  Sharon Slavin (Krafft) lives about 1.5 hours away in Md.  The next nearest classmates are well over 4 hours away in NC.

Ed Nelson

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