Our Photo Gallery

"Pictures are worth a thousand words."

We will put pictures of events new and old on this page.  Some will be albums of pictures from our youth, which classmates send us from time to time.  Others will be of events that take place as we gather together in reunions in the future.  We hope you will come back to this page often and enjoy the people and events that arouse nostalgic memories.

St. Louis Park Class of 1958 Gallery
6 Photos  2/18/10
70th Birthday Cruise
54 Photos  8/9/10
55th at The Park Tavern
16 Photos  9/24/13
55th at The Farm
50 Photos  10/3/13
55th at the Hall of Fame
27 Photos  10/3/13
50th School and Bus Tour
93 Photos  10/16/13
50th at the Kiernan BBQ
98 Photos  10/8/13
50th Saturday Banquet
109 Photos  10/10/13
Our High School Times
21 Photos  10/15/13
Relaxing Saturday Morning
47 Photos  10/15/13