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Brice Martinson

Brice Martinson

Brice M. Martinson, of our Class of 1958, died March 15, 2024

Martinson, Brice M. Age 83, formerly of Edina, passed away in Gig Harbor, WA on March 15, 2024. Preceded in death by his parents, Oke and Jeanne, and his brother, Drew. Brice was a dedicated Christian, loving husband and father, proud US Air Force veteran, and owned and operated Concord Real Estate Services for several decades. Brice is survived by, Sharon, his wife of 60 years; his sister, Susan (Larry); daughters Kristine and Claire (Derek); grandchildren, Sergei (Elise), Konstantin (Nicole) and Natalia (Brian); and great- grandchildren, Nikolai, Ruby and Alexei. Celebration of Life will be held on Friday, April 5, 10 AM at New City Covenant Church, 6400 Tracy Ave, Edina. Interment at Fort Snelling 1:30 PM.

In high school, it was said of Brice that he put the "Joy of power in everything he did."  He certainly put the joy of power behind his athletic prowess on the football field, being a player the last three years of senior high.  He also played some hockey as a sophomore and was a member of Hi-Y our last two years and, as a senior, was a member of the Letterman's Club.

After high school, Brice attended Bethel College, where he met his wife, Sharon.  After college, he joined the Air Force and stayed nine years.  While on active duty, Brice served as a crew commander for the Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missile defence system that protects the United States.  Following his service to America, Brice became a mortgage banker, concentrating on commercial and industrial properties and projects.  He started his own brokerage business in 1980, called Concord Real Estate Services.  He and Sharon lived in Edina, MN, where they raised their family.  You may have noticed that his three grandchildren mentioned above have Russian-sounding names.  That's because they were all adopted by Brice's daughter Claire and her husband Derek from a Russian orphanage and raised here in the US.  Raised in Florida, all are married and doing well here as true Americans.  We can all be proud of what Brice and Sharon must have done as grandparents in helping to raise those adopted grandchildren.

Besides fishing and traveling, Brice's main hobby was bike riding, to which he became thoroughly addicted.

Those classmates who remember Brice, and may have been close to him during our days at St. Louis Park Senior High School, will recall that Brice Martinson was one of the most decent, God-fearing Christian students that we had at the school.  He is exactly the kind of individual for whom we can all be proud to have known.  You are invited to "POST A COMMENT" below with a story about your interactions with Brice.