Reunion 2016 Attendees

Here's the beginning of the list of potential attendees for our 50th reunion in June.  This is a custom page for our site, so I must add each name as I receive confirmation of those planning to be at reunion.  You can also see the list at, Click on the Alumni menu across the top, and then on the "Events" link on the righthand side.  Reunion 2016 will display, then click on "Attendees."

Kathy Dunne Alexis
Sheila McBride Beaupre
Patti Sharrer Bokermann
Anne-Marie Markosky Bouteiller
Margaret Curley Burk
Billie DeBeck Brunsman
Mary Ralph Cavanaugh
Diane Mikol Cunningham
Mary Gattie Galloway
Kathy Robinson Goldstein
Gerri Gornik
Sue Eichmuller Hamilton
Mary Holtz Hathorn
Nancy Kuzmich Hillenbrand
Masako Ishii Inoue
Mary Ann Kennedy
Mary Ann Lightner Kowalski
M'Lou Asp Marsh
Rose Marie Marsh
Linda Lewis Mayer
Rita McGrath Mayer
Gay Morrison McHugh
Patricia McLochlin McMillen
Pamela Kanady Miller
Barbara Dieter Momper
Carol Kobar Moulton
Margaret Dooley Nitka
Marilyn Marks Oberhausen
Clare Martin Phelan
Maureen K. Phillips
Winkie Toomey Reese
Lorraine O'Donnell Rothgery
Constance Griffin Samoluk
Carol Burger Schuler
Myrna Skallerup
Sheila Kelley Smock
Bonnie Liosi Stevens
Ann Faulconer Witty
Nancy Walker Zimmerman

On June 13, 4 days and counting!