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03/10/12 02:04 AM #1    


Eileen Nordstrom

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10/06/12 10:23 PM #2    

Jean Lembke (Murphy)

I really enjoyed the reunion.  It's the only one I've come to, so many of you looked like total strangers to me, and I am sure I was just as unrecognizable to others.  Good thing we had those name tags. I want to say THANK YOU for the committee that put it all together for us!  You did a great job. And thanks also to Bev and Roe Hatlen for their kind hospitality, even if "Jerusalem" was set about 4 notes too high for normal voices. I HIT that high F on "Jerusalem in the HIGHest" but I admit it was more of a shriek than a note.  Which reminds me, I think I saw someone with a camera there. I really hope someone will post pictures of the reunion. I had a camera with me but for some reason never took it out, I guess I forgot I had it.  So, if you took pictures, please share them with those of us who didn't.

Jean Lembke Murphy

10/07/12 12:16 AM #3    

Jean Lembke (Murphy)


Linda, I am still amazed (and delighted) that you saved all our letters! and didn't lose them!  I've been enjoying reading them.....and thought I'd send a few more short excerpts for the class to read. (NOT Required Reading, though. Not even Extra Credit.)

this one was dated Sept 13, 1960

Are you ever lucky you won't be here for Junior English! Miss Healy is a real weirdy, to put it mildly. She gets off on tangents that are really undescribable. Like today -- we were talking (or rather, SHE was)  about capitalization

and she started in on capitalizing "personifications" and talked for 45 MINUTES STRAIGHT on it, giving us examples from our Lit. book and reading all this poetry in this horrible voice of hers. There was a very good poem that she absolutely ruined by making us all read it together. OOG. Well, anyway.

Did I tell you I have a part-time job at Guertins? I'm not doing so well -- my record stands at 3 Coke glasses, one whole hamburger, and countless goof-ups!  I'm catching on, I suppose. Yesterday I was making a malt for a guy and the machine slipped and beat my finger instead of the malt. It bled. Lucky it was a cherry malt, huh? There wasn't too much, but it's full of iron, anyway. I hope the guy doesn't develop a craving for human blood now. that could be bad.

Jean Lembke Murphy



10/08/12 07:32 PM #4    

Judith Baker


   The reunion was truly a success.  How grateful I am to the committee for their focus and determination to locate classmates….a good turnout for such a small class. Especially to Donna Hennessy….you found me!  This is not an easy task these recent years, since I sold my home in 2007, spread my wings, followed by trail dust across the states. I always was adventurous, and remain so, especially when the seasons change.  I start in the late fall and I travel alone in my Honda CRV. Many of you were amazed at this. It’s quite easy, GPS, cell phone, AAA card and you’re set to go.  Truly get the feel of the land without any distractions. Meet incredible people along the way, including some really interesting characters. Only car on a vast span of land in western Texas, with absolutely nothing in site for hundreds of miles or so.  As I made the curve, a pack of wild horses escorted me along the way.  What a site.. what beauty. A gift from above with just my name on it.

Was terrible shy in high school, but thanks to Erin O’Brien Gilles,  fun memories of those teen years remain.  The shyness dissipated quickly in college. The reunion tapped a geyser of those special feelings and after 50 years was able to vocalize them comfortably.  Thanks to those listening ears. How we grow and learn over the years.

  Only a few regrets…

1.Missed seeing my high school pals, Erin O'Brien, Carol Paquette, Sandy Jensen, Barb  Schreifels, and Janet McLean.

2.The Hilton Garden Inn was a perfect place,. However, since we were the last table to be called to the mess hall….”where’s the beef?”? :)    (Maybe this was a good thing…less calories, more healthy).

3. Had to leave the reunion early Saturday night, made other plans…that was real stupid of me :(

  We all will be ‘70’ in 2014. Can you believe it!  Might be fun to plan a birthday party and reunite again.

  Donna, hope to see you in Lake Havasu City, AZ in February, do call me if you decide to go.

  Anyone yearning to reminisce again give me a call at 612 590 9340.

  Thanks again to the committee, you did an amazing job. 

Take care, Judy Baker

10/27/12 01:45 PM #5    

Timothy Gadler

Dear Reunion Committee,

               Please accept my much delayed but nevertheless most sincere appreciation and gratitude for a job well done.  High kudos to each and every one of you for your excellent planning, execution and efforts in throwing a great reunion bash! 

               I worked on similar events in the past.  I know the time commitments and considerable efforts in putting such a seamless event together.  For the casual observer, it all looked so easy.   And that’s the point:  it looked so easy only because of all of your hard behind the scenes work.  All we had to do was show up and have fun.  Thanks again for a wonderful weekend of non-stop fun and frivolity!

And to my fellow classmates,

               It was great to see everybody!  What a blast!  I’m glad I got to smile and say hi to some of you after all these years.   Others, I’m happy I was able to have substantive “all grown up now,” more involved conversations.  Others, still, we found the time to smile and laugh our buns off!  Frankly, I could’ve kept on for another week; many I saw but so briefly but never got another chance to talk with you. 

               I feel lucky to have gone to Murray, to know you all.   After such a great time, I don’t want to wait another 25 years for the next party:  I’m with Bob Johnson and Judy Baker, let’s have a 70th Birthday party for ourselves in another two years!  For those of you who’d like to stay in contact with me in the meantime, you can always call the numbers on my profile or click send to

                                                            Warmest regards to all,

                                                                       Tim Gadler

03/08/13 12:44 AM #6    

Linda Niemela (Campbell)

At the 2013 Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament >>>>>Trivia question..... Which school had their team band actually perform on the ice on skates?   


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