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Don't remember much

Created on: 09/03/10 09:46 PM Views: 2784 Replies: 1
Don't remember much
Posted Friday, September 3, 2010 04:46 PM

I was in love sort of many times in THS, but I had one girlfriend who stuck with me the whole time, Patricia Machol. She was smart and capable and a good girlfriend, but separate colleges put an end to it, to her parents' relief. In the yearbook, I was called the class individualist, and that wasn't much of a recommendation to her dad, the editor of Petroleum Week.

Trouble is, I don't remember the names of those other girls. I remember Rima Dombrowski, though I wasn't ever in love with her, and Ken Kipnis and Larry Robbins who were also on the debating team. Larry is gone now, as is Patricia, and I miss them both. I've seen Ken Kipnis since.

I wish I could put names and pictures together with memories of events, although the memories that come first to mind are my goofs and miss-steps and embarassments. I remember William C. Moore reading to his literature class, and I have a copy of the Leaf, the poetry magazine his class  produced.

I changed my name almost as soon as I was out of HS. William Anderson was not my idea of an artist's name, and was difficult to engrave, which I started studying about that time.

Does any of this ring any bells with you?

Someone stole my yearbook the day they were issued, and if I could get a copy I'd like that.

RE: Don't remember much
Posted Friday, December 31, 2010 06:35 PM

Here I am replying to myself, but someone has to do it.

Actually, some communication with a few classmates has been extremely rewarding, and many memories, mostly very sweet, have come back to me. The world of Teaneck HS is so very different than that of Lake County California, so different from the wild ride of the intervening half century, that the memories are almost like a foreign movie with subtitles. Was I really like that?

Some of the memories are embarassing. Make that "many." Could I really have been that shallow and ignorant? The best ones are memories of love and friendship, though even there I often failed to live up to the best standards of humanity. Still, I can hope to be forgiven and to forgive myself.

If no one responds to this thread, I'll have to do so myself. Be warned!