Oct2, 2021 Event Survey

Planning is underway for an event for the Highland Park Class of 1963 & friends, tentativly on Oct 2, 2021. This event is intended to be a replacement for the 75th Birthday celebration that was postponed due to the Covid "scare" last year.  Please respond ASAP to the survey included so final planning can take place and reservations can be made, etc.

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1)   * Would You attend an event on the Weekend of Oct 2, 2021?

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2)   * If the answer was "yes" to the question above, how many in your party (including yourself)?

To assist us determine the total people that will be attending.
3)   * What would you like to see included in this event?

4)   * If you would be coming from out of Topeka, will you need a hotel?

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5)   The space below is for any other comments you may have regarding such an event: